Baghin: Gouri blames Deva for killing Bhagat!

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Star Bharat show Baghin is going to be more thrilling as Baghin has started showing up like a spirit.

In the latest episode, Deva arrives at the mandir on Agni’s call. He informs Agni that Baghin is still alive and says she has destroyed the entire checkpoint. He also expresses his wonder and says that he is having a feeling like this is something unusual and might be done by the Lord. Agni says there’s nothing like this and asks since when did he start believing in all this nonsense of the villagers.

Seeing Deva, Gouri blames him for Bhagat’s murder.She says that Deva is Bhagat’s killer. Veer comes forward and says his brother can’t even think of doing this and says he hasn’t done this. To make Gouri believe in him, he makes Deva swear upon him. Veer’s mother comes and asks Gouri to not take advantage of them and asks her to behave. As Veer leaves the last rites ritual in the middle, Gouri completes the rest herself despite being a woman.

Veer is seen agitatedly asking someone over the phone why he or she had been constantly calling him. He is seen being given a surprise by his friends. Tani follows him and makes a video of him drinking with his friends. Later Gouri again asks Deva to not do her father’s mukh-agni but he does it still. Baghin is seen roaming inside Shamsher’s house like a spirit and scaring Tani.

She comes in front of Gouri and as she stares in Baghin’s eyes, something happens to her. She picks up a wooden stick.In the next episode, Gouri would be seen trying to attack Deva from behind. Would anything happen to Deva? To know what happens next, keep watching Baghin.