Baghin: Gouri struggles to not answer the call of Tandav Baba!

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In the latest episode, Shamsher shows a fake concern for Gouri and says that she must claim her rights on the property as she is a member of the Chowdhury’s now. She hesitates and says that she doesn’t want a share in the property but Shamsher makes her sign the papers.

Agni complains to Deva that he saw Baghin. After coming back to the Haveli, Deva says that he is having hallucinations and both of them make fun of each other and hug each other. Deva enters his room in a drunken state and trips over Gouri. They keep staring at each other and then Gouri gets up and helps Deva lie on his bed. He passes out as soon as he falls in the bed. Gouri lies down on the sofa. Shamsher and Shekhar run towards Tandav Baba and show Baghin’s paw marks on the papers. Tandav says that Baghin is near the Haveli. Agni comes and says Tandav Baba is right.

Shamsher, Shekhar and Agni sit for a yagna with Tandav Baba. Deva sees Gouri shivering and feeling uneasy in her sleep so he thinks she might be having a nightmare. He brings a thick rope and ties her to the bed so that she can’t go anywhere.

Gouri wakes up in her possessed avatar and tries to leave the room but gets stuck due to the rope. Gouri comes out of the room and sees the yagna from upstairs. Since the yagna fire pulls her towards it she struggles to stay there or else they would get to know that she is Baghin herself. She sits down and prays to Matarani for giving her strength.