Baghin: Gouri tries to tell Veer about Deva but he doesn’t listen!

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In the latest episode, Veer sees Deva and Gouri talking to each other in the jungle. He asks Deva where he had been for so long since he was looking for him. Deva asks why his clothes are wet and gives his jacket to Veer. Gouri says that Deva had been trying to kill Baghin Rani but Veer doesn’t believe her. He says he just uses that gun to scare wild animals in the jungle.

Shamsher arrives there looking for Veer. When he asks why he is looking like this, he lies and says he had been on a boat ride with Gouri in the river since he wanted to do something adventurous and the boat flipped so their clothes got wet. He asks Veer and Gouri to go back home with him. Although Gouri refuses to go with them at first, Shamsher convinces her.

As they leave, Deva meets Baghin Rani again. He tries to kill Baghin Rani. While aiming at Baghin, Gouri’s words echo in his ear so he faces difficulty pulling the trigger. Agni comes and shoots Baghin. Bhagat comes to the location and asks Agni why he killed Baghin. He says that things that happened twenty years back would be repeated . As Veer and Gouri come back home, Kitty starts blogging about them. Gouri says that she needs to leave now since her father would be worried. Veer says he would go and drop her.

As they fail to find Bhagat anywhere in the jungle and look for him all night, early morning they reach the mandir and find Bhagat sitting there. Gouri apologises to him from his back side but discovers that he is no more. She takes the blame of his death on herself. What would happen next? Would the villagers blame Gouri too for Bhagat’s death? Would Bua abandon Gouri now? To know what happens next, keep watching Baghin.