Baghin: Shamsher is insulted by Adhyaksha!

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Baghin is going to be more entertaining as Deva spoils his father’s image and years of hard work in a single day.


In the latest episode, Shamsher is seen hanging some family photos on the wall. He asks Shekhar if they look good. He says that they are looking wonderful but says that it is time that he buckles up to take a big leap for a good position politically. He asks Shekhar to see all arrangements for Adhyaksha’s welcome. He takes all the responsibilities as asked.

Agni comes and taunts Shamsher. He says that although the masses don’t know, he knows that there’s not much funds with them and to win an election money is required. Shekhar asks him to not listen to Agni and tells that he should be motivating his brother in these times rather than demotivating him. Agni asks his big brother not to rely on Shekhar’s appeasing words. He then says that there’s still time and that he again got a call for Baghin’s hunt. If they get to hunt him, they would get a huge amount of money for his skin and the seat would be his.

Shamsher says that he shouldn’t repeat the mistake he did and asks Shekhar to concentrate on his work. Deva is seen engaging in a fight with a girl on the road who was depriving an auto driver from his rent. As he is drunk and holds the girl’s hand tightly, chaos happens as the Adhyaksha arrives there. He makes her assistant open his clothes and dance in the middle of the road. Shamsher and Shekhar come to the location and apologise to her.

Adhyaksha insults Shamsher and probably he would be losing his party ticket this time. Shamsher feels ashamed of Agni and in rage, he asks him to leave and die. In the next episode he would be seen misbehaving with Gouri while his younger brother would come to Gouri’s rescue. To know what Deva does next, keep watching Baghin.