Baghin: Veer proposes to Gouri!

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In the latest episode, some of the villagers come and inform Bhagat that Gouri’s futire is going to change soon since Shamsher has announced aloud that he would be getting Gouri and Veer married to each other. Hearing this, he becomes immensely happy and shares his happiness with his sister.

She says that nothing like thia is going to happen since they are actually doing a political pact to save their election seat.
They would surely get them married a bit only for a little period of time and after that they would and Veer and Gouri divorce each other. After a woman gets divorced, no one cares for her and she will not be able to marry again. She brainwashes Bhagat well and makes him decide to refuse the marriage. Gouri listens to all of this while working but remains silent. Bua does all this out of jealousy and to secure her own daughter’s future.

Bua taunts Gouri again and raises questions on her character. She scares her in her father’s name. Gouri says that there has been no relation between Veer and her so Bua asks her to prove it. When she asks how she can do this, Bua asks her to refuse the marriage.Veer expresses his love for her and asks her out. She remains silent and under pressure she says no. Veer asks her to say all of this looking at him in his eyes since she is lying. He says that when she can’t lie to herself how can she say all this to him. She turns around and hugs him and says she doesn’t love him and doesn’t want to marry him.

As Shamsher refuses to come and get Deva out on bail, Agni comes and meets him. He assures that he will get him out of here soon. In the next episode, Deva would be seen escaping the lockup. To know what happens next, keep watching your favourite show Baghin and stay tuned for more updates.