Bahu Begam Written Update 17th July, 2019 The marriage is announced

Episode starts with shyra asking sorry to razia as she blames herself for all the mishap happened. Razia asks her to not to worry about suraiya words as it’s nothing new. At first her father in law protected her but after his death its became their habit to taunt her. But she has her son azam with her who’s her friend, her support, her everything. Shyra gifts her with her handwritten quran sharif which she writes whenever she misses her mom and dad . Razia was surprised and refuses to accept but shyra convinces her saying that she’s giving the best gift to her and so she’s gifting this in return for it. Both have a lovely moment and azan watches it hiding and smiling.

Elsewhere khalid is seen burning in anger reminiscing noors insult.
Azan romances with shyra who was busy in her book. Azan teases her that he wish he was a book so that she gives her attention to him. Their cute banter continues and azan asks her if she’s happy. Shyra says that happy is a very small word to describe her feeling. She wishes no evil eye falls on them. Azan jokes that he doesn’t know about evil eye but he’s sure of noor’s eye. Saying so he drags noor out of her hiding. Noor,azan and shyra has a quality time with sharing their childhood memories. When shyra tried to intervene noor scolds her to not come in between their friendship. shyra proposes to become their friend but noor says that it’s not easy to become her friend. Azan signs shyra and she one by one gives many gifts to noor for which noor gets happy. She after getting all the gifts finally declares that shyra is her best friend. Azan feels happy seeing their bond. The three have a quality time which is witnessed by khalid and he burns in anger. Elsewhere priest is seen thinking about the three and the game of fate.

Azan sees his mom baking popcorn as her midnight snack and teases her for it. He asked forgiveness for hiding about shyra and thanks her for understanding him so well. He asks how she understands him so well without him even saying about it. Razia tells that she’s his mom and he very well knows about her. She also asks shyra to come out of her hiding who was witnessing their moments. The three had a quality time having popcorn together. Khalid watches it and says that noor is only his.

In the morning yasmeen and razia were doing their morning prayers while razia found yasmeen lost and worried. Yasmeen said that she’s worried about noor and her way of behaving with khalid. She’s worried about suraiya and agsar reaction for it while razia says that noor never mocked his disability but she taunted his bad intentions. She asked her to not to worry.

Shyra is seen getting ready in her room while azan comes and romance with her. Noor all of a sudden enters the place and is shocked to see them romancing. She teases them for not even waiting till marriage while azan blames shyra for it. He says that shyra is bad and wants to get married to her and noor says that she doesn’t want a second hand husband and their nokjhok continues.

Later azan and shyra are seen getting down hand in hand with noor following them behind exactly between them. Khalid is seen recording noor like a psycho lover. They both sit down for the ritual and razia asks quazi to read the marriage declaration form. As he starts reading azan stops him in the middle while everyone looks surprised. He says quazi that he doesn’t want to be called as his father’s son. He wants to be identified only as his mother’s son and asks him to change according to it. Suraiya and agsar gets happy seeing the tension around and was enjoying it. Razia tried to reason out to azan but he stood adamant. Later shyra intervenes and says supporting azan that when everything in this world is identified by mother then why shouldn’t one be identified using his mother’s name. The quazi gets confused and said that he doesn’t know what to do now while everyone gets tensed.

Later the quazi changed it and announced the marriage referring azan as azan razia Akhtar and continued reading. He was stopped in the middle by noor who says that she’ll read the remaining part as it’s her right. Saying she started announcing the marriage and kept the form back on table while everyone starts celebrating.

The camera then focuses on the marriage form where noor blood gets imprinted above brides name indirectly declaring herself to be the bride.

In flashback its shown that Noor gets hurt on her finger while adjusting her earrings. So the blood gets imprinted on the form while she was reading it without anyone’s knowledge.
Precap : Suraiya sees azan dragging shyra to his room and informs it to razia. Razia knocked on his door and finds azan and shyra in the same room and gets angry.