Bahu Begam Written Update 18th July, 2019 :- Suraiya plots against Shayra and Azaan

Mr. and Mrs. Rehman visits Razia and asks Noor hand for their son Faiz. Noor says she knows Faiz from childhood and she knows he will shine one day. All make faces and then Noor sees the picture and says he become a husband. Noor who is still a child at heart did a revision of her checklist and finds it suitable as her filter. Noor gives her nod for the proposal. An elated Razia declares Noor and Faiz marriage along with Azaan and Shayra. Khalid gets angry seeing it. On the other hand, Suraiya burns Asgar’s laptop in fury. They both joined hands and plan against Shayra.

Azaan shares his childhood memories with Noor and Yasmeen. Later on, Azaan and Shayra share a romantic moment, they went for a bicycle ride. Meanwhile, Noor arrives there and interrupts in their romance. She asks Shayra to come with her and drags her from there. It was shown as Noor is separating Shayra from Azaan. A heartbroken Khalid cries for Noor and shares his grief with his parents. He tells them how he feels for her and seeing her getting married to someone else is not going to be easy for him.

Here Shayra questions Noor about her decision regarding her marriage. She asks her if she is mentally prepared for the alliance or saying yes in a haste? Shayra says for marriage it is necessary to think about his nature, behavior and most importantly whether he is compatible with her or not? Shayra asks her about love? Noor says in arranged marriages love take place post the Nikah as well, here girls say yes based on their fortune and family. She advises Noor that love is a very important element for a successful marriage but Noor diverts the topic and ignores Shayra’s interrogation.

Noor says Faiz is coming tomorrow and I don’t want to look dull in front of him. Ayaan comes to meet Shayra but she insists him to go as Razia restricted their meetings till marriage. Later on, Suraiya who is looking for some moment or tool to destroy the happiness of Shayra sees notices Azaan is dragging Shayra to his room. They both decided to enquire Noor once again about her real thinking about the alliance with Faiz. Here Suraiya comes to Razia and informs her about it with some spice and twist added.

Razia gets stunned with her tone of talks but stands firm on her trust for his son and daughter-in-law and supports Shayra. For confirming it in front and prove her kid’s innocence she decides to go and confirm the allegation herself. She goes to check Azaan’s room with Suraiya alongside. Azaan opens the door and Razia gets shocked to see Shayra with him inside the room. Suraiya smiles evilly with her sadistic pleasure.

Precap : Suraiya taunts and badmouths about Shayra, she gets hurt and cries. Razia gets angry at Azaan for his childish act and asks Shayra to shift with Noor in her room till marriage.