Bahu Begum 11th December 2019 Written Update: Noor kidnaps Razia Begum

Today’s episode starts with Shayra saying Azaan’s love has went far from her but his love sign is inside her. Azaan and Shayra cries thinking about each other (Daariya) song plays in the background. Here, Noor cries and thinks she just want a single clue so that she

Noor cracks Shayra was hinting something and now she will make Azaan understand too that things are not like the way Shayra is telling. There, Shayra thinks she will keep her baby name Shazaan but Adil comes and says he will give his name to the baby. Later, Shayra decides to fight back Adil.

In the morning, Noor tells to Razia that Adil has fitted cameras in the whole house. Razia ask Noor not talk about Shayra and Adil. Noor says Shayra is not wrong but Adil has forced her but Azaan gets angry on Noor. Noor says she can prove cameras are installed in the house and calls electrician. Electrician tells to Azaan and Razia that there are no cameras and Adil smirks from far. Azaan drags Noor out from the room.

Adil dances on the beat of Khalnayak song. Azaan drags Noor to the outhouse and ask her to stop praising Sahyra. Azaan ask Noor if she is making excuses, as she doesn’t want to marry him. Noor favors Shayra and Razia ask Noor to stop favoring Shayra. Noor pleads Azaan that she only wants that his and Shayra’s misunderstanding gets cleared. Noor says no, Azaan ask her to marry him tonight. Noor says yes for the marriage and later worries for Shayra.

Other side, Shayra prays and Adil comes and says to Shayra that her pray can’t stop Azaan and Noor’s wedding today. Ahead, Razia gets kidnapped. Azzan looks for his Razia and hears Noor’s voice and runs to her room. He asks what happened to her. Noor says someone throw stone in her room.

Azaan reads the note that says Razia is being kidnapped and the kidnapper has asked him to come to the mentioned place he if wants to free his mother. Azzan, Noor, Dilruba and Mashuka all looks for Razia, further Azaan decides to go the place which Kidnapper has mentioned in the note. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Shayra runs for her life. She meets with an accident.