Bahu Begum 11th September 2019 Written Update:- Azaan insults Noor by making her wait and Noor’s big step.

Azaan seeing Noor from the window and resumes his work. He asks Soumya to not let her in and asks her to wait to say that he’s busy. Noor questions Soumya and Soumya repeat the same to her. She manages to convince Noor to wait in the reception area. Noor keeps waiting irked while Azaan watches it and enjoy. Having had enough, she calls Azaan but he doesn’t pick up the call. Noor gets furious but calms herself down. Noor feels suffocated as ac gets switched off and Soumya makes excuses. She tries drinking water and even that doesn’t work and Noor gets upset.

Noor sees everyone leaving and asks Soumya of the same. Azaan calls Shayra but she cuts the call. Azaan gets upset with Shayra and Shayra apologizes, Noor. Soumya calls Azaan and informs about Noor still waiting and Azaan asks her to do as he says.

Shayra also remains hunger. Shayra thinks that everything is fine between Azaan and Noor as she didn’t arrive yet.

It gets late night and Noor is still in the office. Soumya wakes Noor and informs about Azaan leaving home. Noor gets furious and leaves.

Shayra is reading a book while Azaan lies on her lap. Azaan romances Shayra and Shayra tries leaving but Azaan holds her. Shayra asks about Noor but Azaan asks for food. Noor comes home angry and meets Razia on the way. She complains about Azaan to Razia and Razia asks a cool sorry to her on behalf of Azaan. Noor asks is that all she has to say. Razia asks her to think what made Azaan turn out to be so cold with her. Noor refuses understands Razia’s words.

Shayra worries about Noor and Azaan asks why did she send her to the office even after knowing that he doesn’t like to see her face. Shayra asks about Noor and Noor comes there. She overhears their conversation and Azaan asks her to stop forcing Noor in his life. He gets emotional and Shayra hugs him. Noor watches it teary-eyed. They both sit to eat. Shayra and Azaan feed each other and Noor watches it teary-eyed. She gets determined that if not by love then she’ll definitely win by war.

Razia comes to women’s rights Forum court the next morning. She’s about to sit but gets stopped by other ladies. Azaan and Shayra too come there as they were called to the court. When Razia questions Mrs. Bhatia of the same Noor enters.

Razia, Shayra, and Azaan get shocked seeing Noor there while Noor stands nervous. Mrs. Bhatia says that today’s case is filed by her bahu Noor against her and her son and that’s the reason that she couldn’t be in the judging panel for the day. Razia asks Noor that what’s all this joke is about. Noor apologizes but everyone asks her to not to do so. They ask her to say whatever happened without fear.

Precap: Razia refuses all the claims and Surraiya takes her place in the panel of judges instead of Razia