Bahu Begum 12th September 2019 Written Update:- Case drama ensues between Azaan, Shayra and Noor and Shayra stands by Azaan

The episode starts with ladies explaining that they didn’t inform in prior as there are chances for her to plan something before the case. She argues and Surraiya enters supporting Noor. Azaan scolds Surraiya while Razia asks him to control. She takes the place of Razia in the court. She sits down and skids while Azaan asks her to be careful. He. Indirectly mocks her. Surraiya asks to start the case.

Surraiya asks Noor to say whatever she wants. Shayra stops them for a minute and arranges a chair for her. Razia feels proud. Surraiya tries protesting but Shayra cuts her off. She says that it’s bit a real court case and warns her to behave. Shayra asks Noor to continue. Noor says that a few days back her Nikkah happened with Azaan. She accuses them of I’ll treat her. They asks for proof and she says that she does have proof.

They see dilruba enter and gets confused. He plays footage of their Nikkah. Noor shows them the footage of Azaan breaking the glass during muh dikayi and her standing all alone after their Nikkah. She also says about Azaan not even seeing her during their Nikkah. Dilruba plays all the photo slides and it also includes Azaan insulting her by treating her with cheap gifts during her muh dikayi. Razia gets shocked while Azaan gets furious. Azaan gets angry and scolds her but Noor asks him to not slap her here. She creates a fake drama of him physically abuse her. The ladies asks Razia to control her son and Razia stops Azaan. Surraiya taunts Razia of the same and acts all nice. Surraiya asks if Azaan raises hand on her too. Razia asks them to stop raising finger on her upbringing. They say that it’s not about her upbringing but about a women’s safety. They say that Azaan followed his father’s foot steps. Razia having had enough says about Azaan sacrificing his love for this girl. They challenge Noor to meet in court. Razia starts leaving but Shayra stops them. She says that since it started let’s leave ending it. She asks Dilruba to play further. He plays the sheer kuruma picture and explains about it too. The next picture turns out to be a hot picture of Asgar and Surraiya gets embarrassed. She asks him to shut the laptop as there are enough proofs now. Noor also says about the office incident where she was asked to wait for hours and cries.

Surraiya insults Razia for being a blind spectator of her son’s deeds and badmouths her. Shayra stops her from insulting Razia further. Shayra mocks Surraiya and says that Noor’s point of view is over and its their turn.

She says about Noor coming in a nightgown for her muh dikayi which is a disrespectful thing to do in a muh dikayi she says that one should close their face to do the ritual which Noor clearly didn’t. Noor gets angry.

Precap: Shayra asks Noor about the circumstances in which they got married and Noor gets furious and tries dodging it the. The association is about to announce the final verdict.