Bahu Begum 13th August 2019 Written Update:- Khalid gets arrested and Azaan gets angry on Shayra

The episode starts with Azaan explaining everyone about Khalid’s deeds. He gets ready to beat him again but Surraiya stops him and scolds him for listening to his wife’s words without any proof.

Azaan asks Noor to say the truth by herself and Noor agrees that whatever Shayra said is true. Khalid himself agrees his mistake and tries explaining but Razia slaps him hard.

Razia scolds him for his behavior but Khalid tries justifying him and Razia slaps him again. Razia says that even a husband doesn’t have any rights to force himself on his wife.

Asgar asks Razia to forgive Khalid but she gets determined to punish Khalid. She calls the police to arrest Khalid and Surraiya scolds Razia. She asks about Razia’s partiality towards Shayra and Khalid.

Razia says that even if it’s done by her own son then she’ll do the same. She says that what Shayra did is a mistake which happened by accident but what Khalid did is a sin. The inspector arrives and Razia hands over Khalid to them.

Asgar rushes behind them and Surraiya curses Razia. She says that her son live will get ruined just like Khalid’s and she’ll cry seeing it as she does now. Shayra calls out for Azaan but he gets furious on her and leaves.

Azaan hands start bleeding and Shayra tries treating him but Azaan gets angry on her. Azaan scolds Shayra for hiding such a big thing from him for so long. He asks if she ever thought of the after consequences if the marriage took place.

Noor asks Azaan to not scold Shayra as it’s her who took a promise from her. She explains that she doesn’t want to make an issue out of this and that’s why she asked Shayra to keep quite. Azaan says that how can she hide such a big thing from him while Noor apologizes. She asks him to not get angry on her and hugs him Shayra sees them hugging and remembers her promise to Noor. Noor sees it and Shayra leaves the place.

Asgar and Surraiya try talking with the inspector but in vain. Asgar gets angry but Surraiya says that for which Noor Razia did all this the same Noor is gonna ruin all their lives.

Shayra asks forgiveness from Razia for hiding it but Razia scolds her for her stupidity. She says she’s going to be bahu begum of Bhopal and how can she take such decision. In the meantime, Azaan too scolds Noor for hiding the truth. Noor states that it’s the situation that forced her to do so.

Azaan gives courage to Noor and says that her husband will be very lucky unaware of the fact that it is he himself. Noor hugs Azaan and thinks that she doesn’t want anyone apart from him. Shayra informs Razia about Noor’s promise to not let the truth out while Razia asks her to let it go. Shayra reminds of her decision and worries.

Shayra cries in Razia’s lap and Razia asks for the reason. Azaan says that it’s because of their fight and Razia leaves them alone. Asgar and Surraiya discuss Khalid in the police station while Noor arrives there.
Azaan forgives Shayra and romances with her. Shayra gets reminded of her decision yet again.

Precap: Azaan says Shayra that he’ll give his life for her too and Shayra asks divorce from him.


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