Bahu Begum 13th January 2020 Written Update: Noor denies to take Shyra place in Azaan life

Episode starts with Azaan talks with Shyra imagining her. Razia asks what’s happening. Noor says he is imagining shyra, sorry ammi I didnt make him realise it because I don’t want to hurt him. Azaan says don’t leave me shyra and searches for her. Razia asks whom you’re Searching. Azaan says Shyra. Noor throws water on him and blames him for disturbing her sleep. He runs behind Noor. Razia feels happy and thinks only Noor can save Azaan from Shyra memories. Noor locks her door throwing towel. Azaan asks what’s this. She asks him to clean otherwise my house will get spoil.

Rubina roams worriedly. Khalid asks what happened. Rubina says now badi Amma is back and she will reveal about us. Razia begum knocks Khalid room. Rubina says I will act like sleeping you manage her. He opens the door. Begum asks is she sleeping or acting. Khalid says she is tired. Razia begum says I got to know everything and want to talk with you guys. Khilad says everything. Razia says I want to thank you for your marriage and for staying with Azaan in his tough phase. Khilad says you’re like mom and no need of thanks.


Razia says I want to give gift to Rubina because I’m not available during her muhdikhyi. Hearing gift Rubina wakesup from bed and asks when you came. Razia begum gifts Raksha dhaga. Rubina gets stunned. Razia says now it’s your gift but soon I will arrange your muh dikhayi grandly.

Razia begum goes to Noor room and thanks her for everything. Noor says only Noor can treat Azaan because doctors can’t do anything. Razia says I know how it’s tough for you and you’re bearing hate for our betterment. Noor says he will be better very soon. Razia says I need one promise. Noor says what you need. Razia says we have to make Azaan to face the reality and it can’t happen because of your shock treatment, only love can heal the pain of love. Noor remembers Azaan pain. Razia says only your love can bring Azaan back. Noor says what are you saying. Razia says I know you still love Azaan so give one chance to your love. Noor says I can’t. Razia says now their is no Shyra to feel guilty. Noor says it’s not about guilt, 5years passed and in these years so much changed including me and Azaan, I love Azaan but it’s not eternal love.

Precap – Razia feels drowsy, Azaan holds her. Mashuka says Begum didn’t ate anything from morning and she needs to have tablets too. Azaan asks Noor what’s she needed to give food not soup. Noor asks Azaan to sing song for her.