Bahu Begum 14th August 2019 Written Update:- Shayra asks Azaan to divorce her and marry Noor


The episode starts with Azaan romancing Shayra unaware of her mental trauma. Noor reaches the police station and meets Khalid without the knowledge of Asgar and Surraiya.

Noor asks forgiveness from him while Khalid asks her not to feel bad as it’s his fault.

However, Noor says that she used him for her situation and asks forgiveness once again and leaves the place. Khalid promises to Noor in mind that he’ll soon get released and will marry her for sure.

Azaan brings Shayra inside the swimming pool and romances with her. Azaan says that he will do whatever she says and asks her to ask anything. Shayra once again confirms whether he’ll fulfill any of her wish.

Azaan promises that he’ll do anything for her happiness. Shayra asks him to divorce her and marry Noor. Azaan gets shocked at first but then laughs it off thinking it to be a joke. Azaan turns deaf ears to Shayra’s explanation and leaves saying that he has a surprise for her in their room.

Noor taunts Shayra for asking Azaan directly this way. She says Azaan won’t believe if she simply says and asks her to do something instead of simply saying. The female maid cries to the male maid about Khalid in jail and curses Noor for the same.

Razia calls Asgar and Surraiya to her room and informs them that she’s gonna give all the properties of Khalid to charity as a punishment for him.

Surraiya says that Razia has no rights to do so while Razia says that she can as she’s Bhopal’s Bahu Begam. Razia leaves while Surraiya fumes in anger. She gets determined to destroy Razia at any cost.

Shayra enters the rooms to find it’s all decorated for suhagraat and sees Azaan only in a towel. Shayra tries explaining Azaan about her decision but Azaan intervenes every time with his romantic dialogue. Noor intervenes their romance by calling out for Azaan.

Azaan scolds Noor for shamelessly entering a couple of room without knocking. Azaan asks Shayra to make Noor understand and leaves to change.

Azaan says Noor about Shayra’s joke on divorce and marrying Noor. He says that he laughed it off while Noor asks what’s there to laugh in it. She asks whether their marriage can’t happen for which Azaan says never ever as he’s already married. Noor asks Azaan to leave his wife and marry her.

Azaan laughs it off too and says that he can never love anyone apart from Shayra. Noor asks why can’t he love her. Azaan says there’s a difference between friendship and love.

Noor asks will he ever marry her and Azaan says never. Shayra asks not even if she herself asks him to and Azaan is about to answer it but the maid intervenes. She says that Razia is calling for him and Azaan leaves. Shayra asks Noor what else can she do when Noor taunts her. Noor says it’s her problem.

Precap: Azaan scold Shayra and asks what type of joke is this. Razia says that it’s no joke and hands over Shayra’s signed divorce papers to him. Azaan gets shocked to the core and questions Shayra. Shayra says that Noor lost everything because of her and she asked only one thing in compensation for it and that’s him. Azaan looks shocked at Noor