Bahu Begum 14th January 2020 Written Update: Noor provokes Azaan to sing

Episode starts with Noor denies Razia request. Khalid says I thought you changed Rubina but you didn’t and you’re happy that Razia didn’t recognized you. Rubina says Razia is forgot it so what is the need to worry about it. Dilruba overhears their convo.

Razia prepares popcorn for Azaan and both talk with eachother. Noor takes Popcorn from Azaan and tastes it. Razia says I made it for Azaan. Noor says everything from this house belongs to me and asks Mazuqa to throw the popcorn and taunts Azaan saying you’re useless. He gets angry and tries to leave. Noor signs Razia and she acts like getting drowsy. Azaan gets worried and takes Razia to her room and asks  Mashuqa to bring medicines to Razia room. Noor signs her to do her part. Mashuka says Begum didn’t ate anything from morning and it’s not good to have tablets in empty stomach. Axmzaan asks her to bring something. Noor says even this soup or anything from my money.

Dilruba questions Rubina and Rubina slaps Dilruba for questioning her. Dilruba says I will inform everyone that you’re hiding something. Rubina gets angry and Khalid handles the situation and sends Dilruba. Rubina insults Khalid for getting scared even for servants.

Mashuqa asks Azaan do something. Azaan asks Noor what’s she needed to give food not soup. Noor asks Azaan to sing song for her. Noor asks everyone to come and witness the Azaan performance because he gonna sing the song for me to save his mom. Everyone assembled in the hall hearing her announcement.

PRECAP- Azaan sings song. Noor shows this video to Razia and asks her to upload it because Azaan voice will become sensational. Azaan calls Ammi happily. Noor and others sees him.