Bahu Begum 14th October 2019 Written Update: Shayra and Noor accuses Gazala for the hungama

Noor and Shayra questions Gazala |Gazala blames Surraiya and have a narrow escape

The episode starts with Shayra announcing that it’s not only a welcome party but also break up party of Noor and Azaan. She says that Azaan and Noor are getting divorce and Noor says that because Shayra and Azaan are made for each other. She says that Shayra was, is and will always be Azaan’s wife. She says that whoever tries separating will have to deal with Noor first. Shayra thanks the guests for their time. Surraiya says Gazala that she has already said that it’s no6 easy to separate them. Gazala says that she’ll separate them no matter if its easy or difficult or impossible she’ll make it happen.

Noor and Shayra comes to Gazala and says that they very well know that it’s her who did this but asks why did she do that. Shayra says about Dadi giving her the gift and asking to give it to Noor without mentioning her name. Azaan gets angry at them but Noor asks why will she insult herself. Daadi slaps Surraiya and says that it’s her who did this. Noor and Shayra doesn’t believe Gazala. She drags Surraiya to her room and shows them the real gift which she gave them. Surraiya agrees her mistake on Daadi’s saying. Noor still blames Daadi for planning everything perfect. She asks Surraiya how did she get the gift. Shayra remembers hitting Surraiya on her way to Noor’s room. Surraiya takes use of the situation and says that it’s that time she changed the gifts. Razia feels disgusted at Surraiya and Surraiya falls on Razia’s feet to forgive her. Before Razia could punish her Gazala says that she’s forgiving her for the last time shocking Noor, Shayra and Razia. She talks without letting them speak and fakes her illness. Azaan in the fear of Daadi’s health agrees to forgive chachi irking everyone.

Shayra comes to her room with Azaan and is furious with him. Azaan tries showing something in his laptop but she pours water on it. They both have a fight over Gazala. Shayra blames him for blindly trusting Daadi without caring about anyone. Azaan asks if she also hates Daadi like Noor. Noor comes there and says that yes she hates Daadi and he’s a fool to listen blindly to Daadi and spoiling all his other relation especially with Shayra. She says instead of thanking Shayra for saving the reputation he’s having fight with her. Noor asks Shayra to divorce Azaan just like she did. Azaan sends her out and scolds her for putting ideas in Shayra’s mind. Suddenly lights go off and Shayra panics. However Azaan gets romantic with her.

Gazala comes to Surraiya and Asgar. Surraiya complains about her beating her without any mistake her. Gazala says that if there’s someone who will save you both in this house then it’s only her. She says that they can’t break them in a day. She says that they need to teach a lesson for them

Precap: Gazala shows all her jewels to Shayra and asks her to select one. Noor comes there and runs with the jewelery to tease her. Gazala runs after her and gets heart attack and faints.