Bahu Begum 15th August 2019 Written Update:- Noor’s true face exposed and Azaan furious on Shayra


Razia informs Azaan about her decision regarding Khalid’s issues. Asgar and Surraiya fumes remembering Razia’s decision and plans to destroy her. Just then the maid passes with the letters for Razia but drops it by mistake.

Surraiya spots it and forcefully snatches it from the maid. Azaan praises Razia for her decision and also informs Shayra’s weird joke about divorce. Razia teases him for getting scared for wife’s jokes too while Azaan leaves smiling.

Azaan enters his room and once again tries getting romantic with Shayra.

Shayra once again says about divorce and marriage with Noor and Azaan gets irked this time. He leaves the room furiously while Shayra follows him.

Azaan says that her joke is not a joke anymore and he’s not liking it a bit. Razia says Shayra is not joking and gives him divorce papers filed by Shayra.

Shayra and Noor are themselves confused about it while Azaan stands shocked to the core.

Azaan asks Shayra what’s this. Shayra says that she wanted a divorce but she didn’t file these papers. Azaan shouts on her and Shayra reveals that it’s for Noor. Noor tries intervening but Azaan stops her to not interfere between him and his wife.

Azaan asks Shayra the reason for her such a big decision. Shayra says that because of her Noor lost everything and she asked something in return and that’s him.

Azaan scolds her that he’s not a material to be given as charity and pushes her. Razia says that nothing much will happen neither the divorce nor the Nikkah. She tears the divorce papers and storms off.

Shayra tries to explain Azaan but he pushes her off and leaves furiously. Asgar and Surraiya are enjoying the situation.

Razia scolds Shayra for taking this worst decision. Simultaneously Azaan reminisces Shayra’s words and starts throwing things furiously. She asks how can she think of giving up on her love. Shayra tries to explain her but Razia turns deaf ears.

Asgar and Surraiya watch Razia in pain and gets happy. It is revealed that its Surraiya who sent the divorce papers to Razia.

In the meantime, Azaan is still furious and is seen throwing things everywhere. Noor sees him in pain and says that she’s sorry but she can’t give him to Shayra.

Shayra too comes there and sees Azaan in pain and cries. Azaan while throwing things gets hurt and Shayra rushes to him. She tries to touch him but he stops her. He says that it’s nothing compared to the pain she gave her.

Razia scolds Noor for behaving immaturely while Noor says that she’s only asking her rights. Razia says that asking and stealing are two different things. She says that Azaan loves Shayra and not her.

Azaan too scolds Shayra for taking the decision without even consulting with him and gets furious.

Precap: Azaan and Noor drives in car and Azaan asks her to join him in death. But to their utter shock Shayra falls in front of their car and gets hit. She gets thrown away from the cliff and Azaan shouts Shayra

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