Bahu Begum 15th January 2020 Written Update: Razia thinks to found who is helped Noor financially

Episode starts with Noor says Azaan will sing song for me to save his mom. Azaan takes Mike. Noor says let’s start the drama and she signs Mashuqa to start the Recoder. Azaan sings the song. Noor smiles reminscing her moments with Azaan. Noor says not bad and I will give one month allowance to you mom and she asks Mashuka to give the soup to Razia. Noor smiles thinking her plan is successful.

Dilruba says something is wrong with Rubina and she is hiding something. Mashuqa asks him to leave about her and their fight continues about their crushes. Dilruba asks what’s Noor plan.

Noor says I recorded Azaan song and shows it Razia saying he will become star. Noor asks Razia to upload it on net. Razia uploads it. Noor says Azaan life will change and my Azaan becomes star. Razia asks your Azaan. Noor says my friend Azaan. Razia asks you’re loving Azaan right. Noor says I love Azaan and will love him forever but. Razia says than what’s but. Noor says it’s not possible. Razia says what’s problem. Noor says problem hai and when she about to say it to Razia she gets interrupted by call. Razia thinks to found how Noor got so much money.

Rubina says I’m pregnant to Razia to escape. Everyone feels happy. Azaan reminsces about how he felt happy seeing Shyra pregnancy report. Razia says I will arrange muhdikhyi and we will celebrate for your kid too. Rubina thinks I’m lying more to hide previous lie. Razia asks Khalid to take care of Rubina.

Dilruba and Mashuqa informs Noor that something is wrong with Rubina because I gave Papaya to Rubina yesterday and she is the one who asked me for it plus she is hiding something and can’t be Pregnant. Noor gets suspicious and thinks we have to found the truth about Rubina.

Precap – Azaan comes home and says about his music contract with u series. Azaan challenges Noor that i will buy begum mahal back and today it’s time to return your slap. When he raised his hand to Slap her, Razia stops him.