Bahu Begum 16th August 2019 Written Update:- Shayra gets into an accident and is fighting for her life

The episode starts with Azaan asking Shayra the reason for her taking such a big decision without thinking about him. Shayra reveals Azaan about Noor’s continuous blackmail on her using suicide. I

n the meantime, Razia also tries explaining Noor that Azaan was never hers to claim but Noor stays adamant. Azaan gets shocked hearing Noor’s evil face and rushes to her. He drags her and takes her to the car. Shayra and Razia try stopping him but in vain.

Shayra assures Razia to bring them back and starts following them in another car. Asgar and Surraiya watch it and enjoys the drama.

Azaan along with Razia drives in full speed and scares her. He says that she loves to die so asks her to die with him. He says that they will end their childhood story here. He rushes in full speed while Noor says that she’s not afraid. She acts mad and says that she’s his and she wants him back. Azaan says that wanting and stealing are two different things.

Noor says that even Shayra stole him from her than her mother and then Faiz. In their argument, they didn’t notice Shayra falling in front of their car who took a shorter route to reach them. Azaan’s car hits her and Shayra flies and falls off the cliff. Azaan and Noor get shocked to the core and shouts her name.

Noor asks Azaan to find Shayra somehow and he gets down. Noor also tries following him but slips and Azaan hold her. Razia desperately tries finding them and leaves to pray while Asgar and Surraiya find her tensed and gets happy. Azaan and Noor are madly searching for Shayra and Azaan find her dupatta and cries holding it.

Later Noor finds Shayra wounded on a place and is about to call Azaan but then sees her bracelet and gets reminded of her saying that it’s gifted by Azaan to her and she’ll not give Azaan and his things to anyone. She gets reminded of their moments, her mother and Faiz and her hatred restore in her.

She gets angry and is about to leave but then gets reminded about her mother and her last words and her happy moments with Shayra . She understands her mistake and calls Azaan. Azaan rushes to her and says that he’ll not let anything bad happen to her. Both Noor and Asgar carry Shayra in their arms.

Razia asks their guards that if they find anything about them. They say that they found the car but couldn’t find the trio. They also add that they found traces of blood nearby car and Razia panics. Then she receives a call and gets shocked. Shayra is taken in the stretcher to OT. She stops for a minute and takes Azaan and Noor’s hands and joins it together and faints.

Precap: Azaan furiously says Noor that he’ll marry her but will only love Shayra. He says that she separated him from Shayra but it will be her who’ll stay alone forever. Noor also challenges him that she’ll succeed in getting his love.