Bahu Begum 16th December 2019 Written Update: Aadil’s plan is successful in framing noor

In today’s episode, it starts with Shayra hitting Azaan with a vase, which took out the chip from Azaan’s mouth. Begum sahiba and noor reached azaan after breaking the door with a chair. Both of them go to azaan to check on him. Aadil then presses the button of the remote and the bomb blasts, but nobody is hurt, all because of shaiyra’s work. After activating the bomb, aadil forcefully takes shayra to a room. Here in the meantime, begum sahiba blames everything on shayra thinking that she has come to kill her and her son azaan.

Next azaan and others are in the hall. Suddenly the police officers arrive, to complete shock for everybody. Aadil is telling all this to shaiyra in the room. He then starts showing shaiyra everything on the video. Azaan asks the officer for his arrival. The officer tells them that he has found who is behind all the chaos and planning in the mahal. Begum gets curious to know the name of the person. She expects it to be shaiyra. The officer tells azaan that shaiyra is innocent and the main culprit is noor. This leaves everyone in shock, moreso the shock for noor herself. This is all a plan of aadil. Officer explains the reason why they think noor is the culprit by saying that she was the one who kidnapped the begum sahiba. He asks begum where she was when she woke up,she replied saying she was at home only. The officer corrects her saying that she was in noor’s room. The doubts increase in the begum’s mind. Noor accepts that she had kidnapped the begum but only so that she can go to aadil’s house and see everything by herself. She says that aadil is behind everything and even shaira is being framed by him. Officer then shows all of them a video in which shayra accepts that this was all a plan of noor. That video clip was made by shaira on the force of aadil. Begum gets infuriated on seeing this. She too starts believing that noor is behind everything and not shayra. Noor and the other two servants try to explain the begum that this was all a plan to prove shayra innocent and bring her and azaan closer. But begum does not believe any of them. She believes it to be noor’s plan as she says that noor is still in love with azaan and wants him.

Later shayra gets to know that the officer is also planted by aadil who tells him everything that happens in the mahal. He tells shayra that I am unbeatable. Here Begum sahiba is ready to file a complaint against noor.