Bahu Begum 16th October 2019 Written Update: Gazala’s evil move to separate Noor from the family

The episode starts with Azaan saying that Razia will apologize to her if she felt bad. Razia too apologizes to her and Shayra feels bad. Azaan asks Gazala to rest and Gazala blesses Shayra and Azaan. Gazala smirks after they leave.

Dilruba sees Aladdin in Noor’s room and asks what’s he doing there. Aladdin to manage situations seduces Dilruba using his attraction for him and he leaves in his dreams.

Azaan argues with Shayra over Daadi and Shayra tries reasoning him but he doesn’t listen. They both have an argument.

Lawyer says that it’s not divorced papers but it’s company’s contract papers. Azaan and Shayra fight over it. The lawyer says that then he can’t submit the papers now. Noor says that she has a copy of those papers and gives it to him. Lawyer asks are they sure after reading it. Noir says that they are. Lawyer asks them to think once again but Noor says no. Noor signs it and Lawyer says that their work will be done. Noor tries to light the tension between Azaan and Shayra. Azaan apologizes Shayra and Noor mocks him. Lawyer says their work is done and they leave.

Gazala asks if they arrived and Surraiya says not yet. Gazala asks her to inform when they come back. Surraiya asks Gazala to gift her something too just like Shayra. Gazala says that she will get the most important thing from her. Surraiya guesses many things but Gazala gives her the beetle extract stand irking Surraiya. They hear some commotions outside and leaves to find Razia discussing with few clients. She asks what it is and Razia says that foreign delegates are visiting the mansion today. Gazala asks how much money will they get from this while Razia gets embarrassed. She says that they are here to appreciate our culture and everything doesn’t depend on money. She asks the clients to leave and they badmouth about the family. Razia scolds her for interfering in her affairs while Gazala expresses her right in the mansion. They both argue over it while Razia says that she don’t want to have any drama today as today is a good day. She says that divorce will happen today and that’s what matters. Gazala determines to ruin their happiness and says that the marriage may not get halted.

Noor suffers with stomachache because of golgappe. She and Azaan have tashan while Dilruba says that Lawyer has come. Lawyer says that the judge has accepted their divorce papers. He asks when they are leaving and Azaan asks where. He says when they are vacating the house. Everyone gets confused while Lawyer clears that the divorce papers have a clause. He says that all properties of this house belong to Noor has a settlement. This shocks everyone including Noor while everyone looks at her disappointed.

Azaan asks Noor what’s this and she says that she doesn’t have any idea as these are wrong papers. Razia asks Azaan if he didn’t read the papers before signing. Azaan says that he didn’t as it was given by Noor and he trusted her. Gazala accuses Noor while Noor stands helpless.

Precap : Gazala and Surraiya decides to check Noor’s room and Noor agrees. They check and Azaan finds the papers