Bahu Begum 17th January 2020 Written Update: Azaan faints when Begum makes him realise Shyra is no more

Episode starts with Khalid asks Noor to call police because Rubina desrve punishments. Police says their us no need because we are arresting her for playing with Razia begum medicines. Rubina says I didn’t do anything. Khalid says I’m witness and she is the culprit m Mashuqa plays recording statement of Rubina. Police arrests Rubina. Khalid asks Razia to forgive him hiding this matter. Razia forgives him saying it’s not your mistake.

Azaan comes home and calls everyone. Razia gets surprised seeing him like Previous Azaan. Azaan calls Noor and reveals about his music contract with u series and says I got advance 50lakhs. Azaan challenges Noor that i will buy begum mahal back and today it’s time to return your slap. When he raised his hand to Slap her, Razia stops him and says Noor is the one who uploaded your song and your happiness is because of Noor and she is the one who saved everyone and because of her you got the contract and she saved this house from mortaging so we can stay here. we are nothing without Noor. Azaan gets shocked. Khalid feels happy. Razia questions won’t you see the real intentions of Noor. Azaan leaves from that place.

Noor says why badi Ammi. Radha says I can’t see your insults. Azaan sees his pic with shyra and thinks I care for Shyra and I don’t care why Noor is doing this but Shyra I’m becoming singer and please come back for me.

Razia sees and says how can we say him Shyra can never returns. Khalid says I will talk with Azaan and goes to him. Azaan asks him leave. Khalid says maybe you don’t saw properly Rubina is not at home and she gets arrested. Azaan gets surprised and asks why. Khalid reveals her lies. Azaan consoles him. Khalid asks him when you gonna open your eyes and when you will accept shyra is just memory and she can’t return to you. Azaan slaps him and send him out of room.

Razia says I’m worried about Azaan Noor. Khalid return to room and says Azaan didn’t understand. Razia says sorry beta you got these beatings for us. Khalid says it’s punishment for my parents crime. Noor treats his wounds. He smiles and says our Noor is back and now We have to bring our old Azaan.

Razia asks why you beat Khalid. Azaan says he talking bullshit about Shyra. Razia says even I will say th samething Shyra is nomore and she can’t come back. Azaan faints reminscing his moments with Shyra. Noor tries to wake him up and asks Khalid to call doctor.

Doctor says he needs rest and asks Razia to come outside so he can talk with her. Doctors says you have to make him realise Shyra death in different way so he can heal completely but if you reveal in this way he will faint like today. Razia thinks what to do.

Precap –  Azaan runs behind girl saying Shyra. Noor says we have to make him realise the truth in different way. Noor acts like Shyra and takes him to burial ground to show the Shyra samadhi. Azaan cries. Razia says only Noor can complete you. Azaan proposes Noor to marry him Noor agrees. Shyra enters the place and shouts Azaan. Everyone gets stunned.