Bahu Begum 18th December 2019 Written Update: Leap brings major changes in the lives of Azaan and everyone

The episode starts with Azaan wishing happy birthday to Razia who is sitting on the bed with her eyes open but unmovable. Khalid and Rubina come there and wish happy birthday to Razia too. Azaan calls out for Shayra and Noor and Dilruba says that they went to get a gift for Razia. Azaan scolds him for revealing the surprise. Azaan brings the cake closer to Razia and asks him to make a wish but she doesn’t move. Azaan says that there is just a wish that everybody has and looks at a photo frame of him with Razia and Shayra. They cut the cake. Azaan holds Razia’s hand and wishes her happy birthday again and says “I love you”. Everybody leaves and Razia and Azaan are alone in the room. Azaan says that he brought another thing and that’s her favorite songs playlist. He makes him wear the headphones and plays the song then leaves.

Dilruba asks Mashuka if she won’t eat the cake and she replies that nowadays she doesn’t feel like doing anything. Dilruba hugs her. Khalid comes and puts a hand on her shoulder too. Rubina mocks them and asks them to smile a bit at least. Khalid receives a call and then gives the phone to Azaan who says to the caller that he will be coming in one hour and then cuts the call. Azaan says that there is a particularity of time and that’s the fact that it never stops for anybody and today the day has come. Dilruba asks if they really can’t do anything and Azaan says that they can’t change it. Azaan apologizes toDilruba and Mashukafor not being able to pay their salary since long and also now he only has 500INR. Dilruba and Mashuka say that they don’t work for money but for love and doesn’t need any salary. They say that they will get some good food for Razia with that money. Azaan is touched. He leaves from there.

Rubina receives a call and goes aside to attend it.

Dilruba and Mashuka are in the kitchen cooking. Mashuka is about to add spices but Dilruba stops her saying to put them after the butter is fully melted just the way Shayra used to do. They get sad remembering Shayra. Mashuka says that someone’s evil eye snatched all their happiness and after those two gun shots they got no news about anybody. Dilruba adds that there is no news about that bastard Adil too.whenRubina comes there and asks them to come out as she has a work for them. They follow her. She shows them a lot of bags and asks them to get them all in her room. Dilruba and Mashuka ask her from where she got all these new things. Khalid comes there and asks her the same thing. Rubina reveals that she sold Yasmine’s painting. Khalid scolds her for selling such a precious thing for Razia and tells her that Yasmine was Razia’s closest friend. Rubina badmouths about Noor and say that it isn’t a big deal that she sold that painting. Khalid says that she should remember that they are nawab and should always remember their nobility even if they don’t have money. He says that even his mother used to talk like her. Rubina slaps him. Dilruba and Mashuka are shocked and leave from there. Rubina warns Khalid not to compare her with his mother. She says that they don’t even have money for two meals so he should not talk about any nobility.

On the other hand Azaan touches his and Shayra’s photo. He grabs it and looks at it emotionally. He hugs the photo and recalls his moments with Shayra.

The chain of his thoughts is interrupted by a lawyer who asks him if they shall leave. Azaan is about to leave when the lawyer remind him to take his watch but he says that hours, days, months and years are the same for him so he doesn’t care about taking the watch.

Azaan is about to go out when Mashuka and Dilruba stops him. Mashuka insists that he should properly get ready and makes him wear a white cardigan saying that he is still the nawab of Bhopal. She reads bismillah for him but he stops her saying that Allah wasn’t there for him when he needed him the most so now there is no need.

Azaan goes out and is stopped by the media who asks them how he is feeling. Azaan says that he is enjoying a lot. Reporter says that they heard that he is getting 1500crore for this deal. Azaan says they can add more money if they want as he needs it. Reporters try to ask him about Razia but he refuses toanswer about it and ends the question session. He leaves and finds all the furniture’s kept for auction and feels hurt. He looks at the empty mahal.