Bahu Begum 18th October 2019 Written Update: Clashes ensure between Shayra, Noor and Razia

The episode starts with Mashuka and Dilruba waiting for Aladdin. He comes out dressed as real Aladdin and they admire him. Later it turned out to be their dream and they runs away Shying. He calls them fools.. Razia shows all the jewels to Shayra and asks her to take care of it as foreign delegates are arriving. She leaves and Aladdin comes and calls Shayra saying that Azaan called her.

Noor comes there and wears the Paasha and admires herself. She says that it looks best on Shayra and she deserves to be the bahu begam. She gets hit by a stone on head and the Paasha falls down. Shayra comes to Azaan and asks why did he call her. Azaan says that he didn’t call her and Shayra mocks him. She’s about to leave but Azaan stops her by pulling her wrist. Noor sees blood coming from her hand. She then sees the Paasha broken and gets shocked. Azaan gets romantic with Shayra and kisses her forehead. She leaves saying that she wants to polish all the jewels and leaves.

She enters to find the Paasha broken and Noor hurt and gets extremely shocked. They both gets shocked and gets all hyper. Shayra asks Noor to treat her but Noor asks her to not to worry about her and worries about the Paasha. Shayra asks her to calm down and calls Mashuka. She leaves to jeweller with Mashuka and asks Noor to take care of the polishing works. Noor apologizes Shayra.

Aladdin informs Surraiya, Asgar and Gazala about the Paasha and they gets happy. They worry for drama and Gazala says that she’ll take care of it.

The jeweler comes with the polished jewels and Gazala asks Shayra to check once. Shayra says that she trusts him as he’s their jeweller for generations but Gazala stands adamant. She calls Razia and asks her to check it. The jeweller says that he returned all the 49 jewels. Razia says that she gave 50 jewels but jeweller says that he was given only 49 jewels. Razia asks Shayra to bring the list and Shayra brings it fearing to get caught.

Gazala and Surraiya checks the jewels and finds that it’s only 49. Gazala accuses the jeweler but jeweler says that he wad given only 49. Razia asks Where’s Paasha and Shayra stands tensed. The jeweler says that he was not given any Paasha and Gazala scolds him. Razia asks the jeweler to leave and asks Where’s Paasha. She says that it’s the centre piece of the exhibition and people will come to investigate it soon. The inspectors comes to check the Paasha and Shayra calls Noor. After lots of enquires Shayra admits that the Paasha is broken shocking everyone.

Gazala creates drama and Razia asks her not to create a scene in front of inspectors. The inspectors stands confused while Gazala creates a big show down. The insoector says that the foreign delegates will be here to especially see the Paasha. He says that now they need to present without the Paasha. Razia apologizes for it and he leaves. Razia scolds Shayra and asks who broke it. Shayra takes the blame on her.

Precap : Gazala says that Paasha is broken by Noor and not Shayra.