Bahu Begum 19th August 2019 Written Update:- Azaan agrees to marry Noor while Noor acts mad

The episode starts with Shayra getting unconscious after getting a promise from Azaan. Shayra is taken into the operation theater while Azaan stands distraught. Noor tries consoling Azaan but he gets furious on her. He shouts at her and holds her responsible for Shayra’s condition. He says that Shayra always loved and considered her as her friend. He also says she’s a disgrace to Yasmeen’s upbringing. He says that she only cares about her right and not about anything else. He asks her to leave the place.

Noor asks why is he blaming her as a bad person for which Azaan says that she’s a bad person. Razia reaches there and Noor tries explaining but she stops her. She says that if something happens to her bahu then she’ll never forgive her in her lifetime. Even Azaan’s sister who always stood by her side hates and despises her.

Noor regrets for becoming the person she is now and blames herself for the situation. Azaan looks painfully at Shayra from the glass window and cries hard. He asks the nurse about Shayra who says that she’s sinking. Azaan enters the ward and the doctor informs him that there are very fewer chances for her survival. Azaan holds Shayra’s hand and gets reminded of their moments together and cries. Noor requests Razia to let her meet Shayra for once but Razia forbids her.

In the meantime, Shayra’s health starts deteriorating and everyone panics. Azaan comes out and drags Noor with him inside. He holds both Noor and Shayra hands together and promises that he’ll marry Noor and asks her to come back alive. Soon Shayra starts responding and everyone gets happy. She faints again but the doctor assures him that it’s because of medicine effect and there’s nothing to worry.

Surraiya scolds lawyer for not getting Khalid released yet. The lawyer asks her to convince Noor and take back the complaint. Surraiya scolds him again and sends him off.

Azaan cries in front of Razia that Noor’s wish and Shayra’s promise both got fulfilled but what about him. He cries for getting caught in between the two. Noor calls Razia but Razia gets furious on her and asks her to celebrate as she got succeeded. She says that she doesn’t even identify the person in front of her. She says she has become someone unidentified and says that she’ll never forgive him all her life and leaves. Noor tries explaining Azaan but he storms off.

Azaan gets outside and stands in the rain while Noor follows him. She touches him but Azaan asks her to stay away. Noor asks that what happened as everything is alright now. He says that she doesn’t deserve anyone’s love or friendship. He says that no friend steals another friend’s happiness. He says that from today there’s only hatred in him for her.

Noor asks him to stop and says that what wrong did she do. If she wanted she could’ve left Shayra dying but she didn’t. She says once Shayra saved her life and she saved hers in return and another time she stole her mother and in return she stole him. She justifies her action while Azaan gets disgusted. Azaan says Noor that he’ll marry her but will only love Shayra all his life and not her. He says that she’ll stay alone forever. He also adds that she’s a mistake and leaves.

Noor once again blames Shayra for all the happenings. Noor says that she’s not alone as he’ll be with her and says madly that he’s her right. She adds that his love, his feelings, his everything belong to her. Noor gets furious and says that he considers it a mistake and she’ll now commit the mistake and will show him.

Precap : Noor conducts party for Shayra’s return and announces her wedding with Azaan