Bahu Begum 1st August 2019 Written Update: NOOR ALL SET TO AVENGE SHAYRA

The episode starts with Azaan crying seeing Noor’s condition and runs from there in pain. Shayra hugs and comforts him and gives him the strength to face Noor. Azaan finally goes to Noor who’s still behaves like mad and keeps a hand on her shoulder. Noor looks up to find him and hugs him. Noor cries in his arms. In the meantime, Shayra takes food for Noor and reminisces Gas inspector’s words and cries. She sees Noor crying in Azaan arms and keeps the food plate without her knowledge and signals Azaan. Azaan feeds Noor who protests at first but then he manages to convince her. He makes her lie on his lap and sings the same Lori that he sang for Shayra while Shayra watches it from afar. Once Noor fell asleep Shayra touches and kisses her forehead.

Next morning Shayra does her morning prayers and cries to God for whatever happened. Noor wakes up and finds Azaan still asleep. She smiles seeing it but it’s short-lived as Surraiya once again enters and starts filling her mind with hatred. She says that he may comfort her for time being but when it comes between herself and Shayra, he will choose only Shayra.

Asgar brings the news about Shayra to Razia. He says that every newspaper is filled with only hatred for Shayra. He pretends to sympathize with Shayra and asks her to support her in this tough time. He asks her to perform after marriage ritual but Razia denies it saying that it’s not the right time for it but Asgar emotionally instigates her and finally she agrees as she has to stand by Shayra . Noor with Surraiya, who has already planned everything, enters Razia room only to hear her last sentence and gets broken.

Surraiya once again starts filing her ears against Shayra. She says that Shayra stole everything from her starting from her childhood friend to Razia. She adds that Razia even forgot her misery because of her blind love for Shayra. She says that Noor should also give the same pain to Shayra. She indirectly indicates her to steal Shayra’s life from her too like the way she snatched her mother’s life.

Razia informs Shayra and Azaan about the after marriage ritual who denies doing it. Razia stands firm and they finally give up and agrees to do the ritual. In the meantime, Noor recalls Surraiya’s words about Shayra stealing everything from her and gets determined about something too.

Shayra along with other ladies leaves for the ritual and Noor follows them without their knowledge. Azaan tries calling Noor but she’s busy following Shayra with a knife. She sees her praying in dargah and looks her with hateful eyes. Razia and Shayra perform the ritual and Noor watches it teary-eyed.

Razia and Surraiya tie the holy thread one with pain and the other one with extreme happiness. Shayra spots Noor in hijab but Noor starts running away. Shayra runs behind her when she suddenly stops and points a knife before her.

Precap : Noor blames Shayra for all her misery and says that it’s time for payback. A stab sound is heard.