Bahu Begum 1st January 2020 Written Update: Noor finds out about Azaan’s work

The episode starts with Noor whispering her conditions in Azaan’s ears. Azaan agrees to fulfill her terms. The condition is to do 100 sit ups and say that noor is the best and that he will never trouble her again. She takes back her complaint. Police leaves.

Here Rubina talks about Noor and Azaan to Khalid. she tells him that Azaan must’ve been in jail and that she hates Noor. She says that even after losing everything the arrogance of being a nawab has not gone from Azaan’s mind. Khalid says that she does not have any such intentions. Rubina and Khalid have a fight over this.

Azaan goes to Begum sahiba’s room. He finds her to be as ready as a begum would be. He thinks Mashooqa has done this. He gets happy to see this. He talks about shayra too. He promises to himself that he will avenge noor in every possible situation. It is found out that Noor had hired a theater artist as a policeman and that he wasn’t a real one. She pays him for his performance. This is seen by khalid.

Khalid talks to noor about this. She tells him to not inform anyone, khalid agrees to this. Khalid requests her to make azaan as he was five years ago, she promises him that everything will happen as it was, but slowly.

Mashooqa and ballah are in talks with each other. Mashooqa is angry over Noor and ballah is happy. He tells that after so long azaan worked out, to which mashooqa replies that it was an insult. Mashooqa spits in the milk ballah was taking for noor. She says that it’s her luck she is not mixing poison in it. They have some more discussion over her. Then ballah takes a different milk for noor. He requests her to make everything fine soon and he hopes that the best will happen.

Noor goes to begum Sahiba’s room and sees that azaan is singing lullaby to make her sleep. Azaan then tells her that he has to do some important work and has to go. Noor follows him. She sees him going to a club. She finds out that he sings at the club to earn some money. A guy misbehaves with Noor in the club. Noor deals with him when they are seen by Azaan.

Noor gets tensed thinking that Azaan must not see her. She anyhow leaves the place. Azaan goes to that man and tells him to behave properly with ladies. He tells him to mind his own business. When Azaan further tells him to behave the guy tells him that he is not good to see and that he should bring his wife the next day. Azaan gets furious hearing this.