Bahu Begum 1st October 2019 Written Update:- Noor writes a letter and leaves the house

The episode starts with Shayra entering their room which is covered in all dark. They both gets romantic and talks about their old times. Shayra smiles and Azaan says that he fell in love with her this smile. They hug each other and are in peace. Shayra wishes that no evil eye should be casted on them. They both hug and sleep.

Noor is pacing in her room all tensed and worried. She sees her picture with Yasmeen, Razia and Shayra and remembers all their love on her even after being a maid’s daughter. She feels guilty for whatever she has done and takes a decision. She writes a letter stating that she’s doesn’t deserve their forgiveness nor a place in this house. She states that she’s going away from their lives forever. She also states the truth that she’s aware of Shayra being innocent of the murder chargers and still she proceeded with the marriage. Someone is seen watching her but she’s unaware of it.

Noor leaves to Shayra’s room and on the way she meets Khalid who wants to reconcile with her. Noor says that she has forgiven him and also says about her decision of leaving the house. Khalid gets shocked hearing it while Noor says that she hasn’t mentioned about him anywhere in the letter as she has forgiven him but did not forget his deeds. She asks him to forget whatever happened and their past ends there. She leaves while Khalid determines to not let Noor leave the place.

Noor enters Shayra and Azaan’s room and keeps the letter on the bed side table and leaves looking at them emotionally. She visits Razia too and thanks her for all her love. She calls the cab and leaves sneaking. While leaving she gets Shayra’s call but doesn’t attend it. She gets in the cab and leave. The cab takes a wrong route and Noor gets shocked. She keeps asking the driver of the same but he doesn’t respond. She gets shocked seeing him bringing her back to the mansion. She finally notices the driver only to find that it’s Azaan.

Azaan drags her in and asks her the reason for her leaving. Shayra says that it’s because of her deeds and also says that6she has read the letter. Razia also says that she too read it. Azaan snatches the letter from Shayra and reads it. Shayra says that she didn’t expect it from her. Noor says that she deserves punishment. Azaan says that she will get her punishment for not trusting Razia as well as his friendship. Noor is about to say about her mother’s death but Shayra stops her.

Precap : Razia gets a bad feeling while someone’s entry is shown.