Bahu Begum 20th January 2020 Written Update: Noor makes Azaan realises Shyra is dead

Episode starts with Noor scolds Azaan while he is sleeping and says sorry for not to be with you when you’re in trouble and sorry for not making you realise Shyra is no more and confesses her love to him and kisses on his cheek. Razia hears her Confession and prays for her kids happiness.

Next day at Kitchen Khalid says Azaan still sleeping. Razia says he will wake-up from his sleep and past memories too and once he us fine I will arrange Noor marriage with Azaan and it’s my promise. Khalid says maybe Noor changed in these 5 years. Razia begum says no, she still loves him.

Someone calls Noor and asks her why didn’t she answering her calls. Noor says I’m sleeping. Other person says I love you Noor. Noor says I love you too Baba. Khalid hears her words and think whom Noor is saying I love you.
Razia feeds halwa poori to Noor. Noor gets emotional and than says we need to make Azaan realise Shyra is no more. Razia says we can’t. Noor says we have to make him realise in different way using Shyra. Begum says I’m with you.
Azaan gets disturbed in sleep reminscing Khalid and begin words. He hears someone calling him Azaan. He notices Shyra shadow and says I know you will come for me and finally it happened. He follows that person saying Shyra and asks her to talk with him.

Noor enacts like Shayra’s and takes Azaan to Shayra’s grave. Azaan is shocked. Razia begum gets tensed thinking how Noor is managing and Prays Allah to give strength to Noor to manage Azaan.

Azaan gets angry seeing Noor and asks her what are you doing here. Noor says I’m following you and why are you here. Azaan says I followed Shyra. Noor says she brought you here and tells him Shyra is dead and explains him what happened 5years back. Azaan breaksdown and cries for Shyra. Noor goes and inform this to Razia.
Azaan comes to palace and calls Noor to come outside.

Razia asks him what happened. He asks her to stay away and questions Noor why you hides from me even after you know Shyra left me 5years and she can’t come back to me when I’m behaving like mental. Noor hugs him. Razia says finally you realised Nd only Noor can fulfil Shyra place and asks him to marry Noor. Khalid says Noor can’t accept this because she already moved on in her life and she have someone.

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