Bahu Begum 20th September 2019 Written Update:- Noor’s another evil move against Shayra

The episode starts with Azaan romancing Shayra. Azaan keeps Shayra’s favorites for their dinner date. Time passes and both are watching the movie together having ice cream. They have a fun time and Shayra gets asleep. Shayra sleeps on Azaan’s shoulder. Azaan promises Shayra to keep her away from all the danger. Noor sees them together and Azaan calls her outside. Noor taunts Azaan for his trap. Azaan says that it’s her who’s playing games and is now blaming him. He gives her their leftover pizza and Noor gets furious. Azaan leaves wishing her goodnight and Noor remembers him that she also stays in the same room. Azaan sees mud and plans something. He knowingly slips into the mud and Noor makes fun of him. She says that this is what happens to those who try throwing mud on others. Azaan gives back that it’s okay to fall in love but not okay if someone falls in other’s eyes. He says that he’s not going to Bath as there’s no such condition of hers that says that he should bath in their room and walks off. Noor stands fuming.

Azaan falls on bed with a dirty shirt and Noor gets furious. She sleeps on couch and Azaan sleeps on the bed. At night Azaan sneaks out of the room and sees Shayra crying. Azaan gets shocked and Shayra asks sorry. Shayra says that she did a mistake by getting Noor married to him. They both reunite and it turns out to be Noor’s dream. She sees Azaan missing in her room and rushes to Shayra room. But on the way, she sees Azaan with Razia. They converse about Noor and Razia says that she got a call from the orphanage. She says that they informed her about Noor’s misbehavior. Azaan says that it’s all Noor’s fault but however destiny made her cut the cake meant for Shayra. Noor hears everything and leaves fuming.

Razia says that Noor may be wrong but still theirs and she feels bad about it. Azaan asks her to teach Noor a lesson just like Yasmeen. He asks her to beat her with sandals.

Asgar is sleeping and wakes up to find Surraiya looking at him. He asks her the reason for it and Surraiya says about leaving the mansion. Asgar assures her that no such thing will happen and says that he has planned everything.

Azaan enters his room to see Noor sleeping and gets relieved. He sleeps on the bed and Noor opens her eyes. She goes to Shayra’s room and sees her sleeping. In the meantime, someone enters Razia room and is about to stab her but Noor stops on time and hides before Razia wakes.

The person is revealed to be Khalid and Noor slaps him. Razia asks how dare he and Khalid says that she wants him to go away from her. Noor gets furious and asks him to stop this nonsense. Noor says that again if he tries to harm Razia then she’ll send him not from mansion but from this world too.

Noor drags Khalid to Asgar and Surraiya and asks is it them who sent him to kill Razia. Surraiya once again threatens Noor to be thrown out of the mansion but Noor ignores.

Precap: Noor calls Surraiya and asks ger to execute the plan. Someone keeps a knife on Shayra’s neck closing her mouth