Bahu Begum 21st August 2019 Written Update:- Azaan keeps a shocking condition for divorce


The episode starts with Shayra reading out the elan e Nikkah in front of everyone and runs away unable to control herself. Razia says Noor that her wish will never be fulfilled no matter what. Noor remains unaffected and asks everyone to enjoy the party as drama is over. She also asks them to enjoy the wedding to the fullest. Asgar and Surraiya see the drama and gets happy for the way the things are shaping up.

Shayea is seen crying in her room when Azaan enters inside. Azaan asks why is she crying when Shayra controls herself and gives divorce papers to Azaan. She also gives him his gifted bracelet and asks him to relieve her from this place as soon as possible. They both get emotional when all of a sudden they hear some noise.

Razia throws Noor’s belongings outside while Noor asks her the reason for her behavior. She says that she’s throwing something out which she should have done long back. She says she’s throwing her out of this mansion as well as from her heart and expresses her hate for Noor.

Azaan and Shayra too arrive followed by Asgar and Surraiya who’s there to enjoy the drama. Noor says that she can’t leave as this place as it consists of her mother’s memory. Razia says that she herself is responsible for her this condition and asks her to leave the house. Noor blackmails her with society and their talks regarding bahu begum.

Noor reminds her of her promise to Yasmeen and emotionally weakens her with her moral talks. Surraiya praises Noor for her evil move. Razia says that she’s not like her and will never behave low like her. Razia leaves somewhere while Noor acts all psycho. Razia comes back with property papers and gives 70% of her shares to Noor.

Everyone gets shocked while Razia says that she’s slapping her with golden slippers. She throws away the property papers on her face while Noor says that this is not enough for her. She says that she wants happiness and that’s her Azaan and tears off the property papers while Surraiya gets relieved. Noor taunts Razia while Azaan gets furious and shouts.

Azaan points at Noor for insulting his mother. He says that he’s keeping his promise as it’s for Shayra but will never tolerate his mother’s insult. He removes the bahu begum maang tikka from her head as it belongs to his mother. Shayra taunts her for always wishing for other things while Razia asks Noor to leave the house. Shayra says it’s her who should leave the house but Azaan calls her. He says he’ll not give divorce to Shayra while Shayra asks how’s it possible. He says when marriage can happen without love then it can happen without divorce too. He keeps a condition for signing the divorce papers. He says that he’ll sign the divorce papers only if Shayra does all the preparations for the marriage ritual herself while Shayra gets shocked. Noor gives her consent for his condition shocking everyone.

She says Shayra considers her mother to be hers too means she’s her sister. She says that it’s her duty to participate in her sister’s marriage. She reminds Shayra of her promise while Shayra stands helpless.

Precap: Noor interrupts Shayra and Azaan romance but Shayra sends her out as still, they are husband and wife. Noor promises herself to throw Shayra out of the haveli as well as Azaan’s life forever.

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