Bahu Begum 21st January 2020 Written Update: Noor accepts Azaan love proposal

Episode starts with Razia asks what. Khalid says yes I heard Noor confessing her love to someone on phone and he asks nNoor to speak. Razia asks her to speak. Noor leaves saying I can’t. Noor talks with Shyra pic and confesses her love for Azaan and says I can’t take your place in Azaan life you know na. Azaan enters and says Shyra knows everything and thank you Noor for Making me realise Shyra left me and now I’m feeling better. Noor hugs him.

Azaan asks Noor to call her lover. Noor says reality is something. Azaan asks what. When Noor about to says Dilruba says your love came here. Noor runs and meets Radhe. Everyone gets surprised. Radhe says seems like Noor didn’t tell you guys about me, I’m Radhe syam and Noor saved me from Accident and I have everything except Family and God send Noor to me as my daughter. He praises Noor qualities and says I heard about everyone from Noor. Radhe days Noor always talks about Azaan.

Noor asks why you came here. Radhe says i got bored so I came here. Khalid says so Noor said I love you to him. Radhe says can’t daughter say love you to her father and he asks Noor whether she want to come or stay here. Noor says I will come and wents to pack her luggage.

Razia asks Azaan to stop her. Noor thinks I love you Azaan but I can’t stay here because you don’t love me and reminsces her moments with Azaan seeing their pic. Noor comesout with her luggage gets surprised seeing their is none. When She calls Razia, she hears Azaan voice and he presents her their childhood pic through Mashuqa.

Dilruba gives Noor and Azaan,Shyra pic than he sends balloons than he sends Property papers with Khalid and than Azaan comes with another gift and says I realised and I can’t let this person leave from my life. Noor opens the gift and sees herself in mirror.

Azaan proposes Noor and ask her will you please marry me. Everyone smiles. He gives her chocolate and says I don’t have time to bring ring. Noor says you know right I like milk chocolate but you got Dark chocolate, that’s fine I love you Azaan. He hugs her happily, Razia joins them. Shyra enters calling Azaan. Everyone gets shocked.