Bahu Begum 21st October 2019 Written Update: Razia and Shayra turns against Noor shocking Noor


The episode starts with Razia asking Shayra about how did the Paasha broke. Shayra takes the blame on her shocking Noor. Razia scolds her for being careless and says that she’s going to be the future Bahu Begum of Bhopal. She asks how will she handle the responsibilities of Bahu Begam. Shayra apologizes but Razia keeps scolding her. Noor is about to say the truth but Shayra stops her. Gazala sees her and scolds Shayra for protecting her sautan. She asks Noor to answer promising on her dead mother. Noor agrees that it’s her who’s responsible for the broken Paasha. She explains what happened. She says that she didn’t do it intentionally but Razia stops her. She scolds Shayra for hiding Noor’s mistake setting a wrong example. She scold them extremely furious and leaves. Shayra looks upset at Noor and snatches the Paasha from her and leaves behind Razia. Gazala mocks Noor like earlier she did with her and Noor cries.

Noor and Shayra are in Razia room and tries explaining her but Razia is too furious to listen to them. Shayra says that they did mistake and tries apologizing but Razia turns deaf ears to it. Razia asks both Noor and Shayra to leave. She says that it’s such an important treasure of Bhopal but they both played with it.Surraiya is extremely happy in her room for Noor and Shayra’s insult. She is sharing her happiness with Gazala who asks her to control as there’s lot more to it.

Noor leaves and Shayra explains Razia that she was not saving Noor from her but from Daadi. She says that how Daadi is salty over Noor and she doesn’t want to increase it. She says that she was anyhow going to confess her later. However Razia denies accepting her apology and throws her out of her room. Shayra leaves upset.

Azaan scolds Noor fir her childish nature and always dragging herself and others into trouble too. He asks what’s the need to wear the Paasha while Noor stands guilty. She hugs Azaan and Azaan console her. Gazala sees Shayra and once again brainwashed her against Noor. She shows Noor and Azaan hugging and says that friendship does have some limitations but Noor crossed it. She asks her to meet her with Azaan.

Daadi tries a Tawiz to Shayra and asks her to stay away from Azaan for two weeks. Both Azaan and Shayra get shocked. Noor comes there and Shayra shows cold shoulders towards her. Daadi gives Tawiz to Noor too and Noor gets shocked. She says that she’s still his wife and asks her to tie it. Azaan is against it but Daadi shuts him.

Razia comes there and to everyone’s shock supports Gazala. She says that she has already created enough drama and asks her to not create any more. Noor gets shocked with this and Gazala smirks. Razia asks Noor to get the Tawiz tied.

Gazala asks Noor to listen to the elders and to her utter shock Shayra supports Gazala too. Noor gets extremely shocked and gets the Tawiz tied. Gazala determines to ruin the three using the Tawiz.

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