Bahu Begum 22nd August 2019 Written Update:- Shayra gives back to Evil Noor while Noor gets furious


Razia asks Azaan about his plan while Azaan says that everything is out of hands now and this is much needed. He gives Razia, Shayra’s bracelet and says that it’s time for fighting for his love.

The maids discuss Noor being a servant daughter and is about to become Bahu Begam. Noor arrives there and taunts them for discussing her. He orders her to call her with respect and orders her to clean her room and leaves. The maid gets worried about their condition once she becomes Bahu Begam for real.

Surraiya pretends to be happy for Noor and fake praises her while Noor shows extreme attitude towards her. Surraiya gets irked with her attitude but still continues fake praising her. Surraiya indirectly asks Noor to release Khalid but Noor shows her more attitude and throws her out and closes the door on her face. Asgar teases Surraiya while Surraiya gets irked.

Azaan romances with Shayra saying that she’s still his wife and asks her to select her wardrobe for his marriage ritual. Azaan taunts her saying that he’s marrying with her wish so wardrobe should also be on her wish. Shayra gets hurt and is about to move while Azaan hugs her from the back. Shayra asks him to leave while Azaan says that there’s still time for him to leave her.

Noor arrives there and taunts her for romancing with her fiancee. She points on her character and calls her shameless and Shayra shouts to stop. She says that she has crossed her limits and says that she’s in her room with her husband. She also adds that it’s her who’s shameless to enter into a married couple’s room without permission and shows her the door. Noor gets shocked with Shayra’s boldness and leaves while Shayra closes the door on her face.

Azaan praises Shayra for her brave attitude while Shayra apologizes Azaan for putting him in this condition. Noor gets furious and promises herself to get back at Shayra for her insult. She promises to throw her out of the haveli as well as Azaan’s life forever.

The party is in full swing and Noor asks why no one is dancing. She asks Surraiya why isn’t she dancing for which Surraiya replies that it’s her who’s happy and she should dance. Asgar also gives the same reply while Noor says that she has a surprise for them making them confused.

Noor sees Shayra and asks her to call Razia and Azaan downstairs. She’s about to go when Azaan himself comes down and says that Razia will not join as she’s not well. Noor waits for someone special and it’s revealed to be Khalid. Everyone especially Azaan and Shayra gets shocked seeing them.

Asgar and Surraiya get extremely happy seeing Khalid while a furious Azaan marches towards him. Azaan holds him by the collar and asks who bailed him out. Noor steps forward and says that it’s her who got him bailed. Khalid looks at him furiously and says Noor saved him from jail shocking Azaan and Shayra. Khalid remembers all his insult by Azaan and Shayra.

Precap: Noor and Surraiya dances in her Haldi. Shayra applies haldi to Noor while Azaan asks her to apply for him too. Azaan makes Shayra apply Haldi on him while Noor burns in jealous. He keeps making her apply but Noor stops in middle

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