Bahu Begum 22nd July 2019 Written Update :- Yasmeen cries and shares her worry with Razia

The episode starts with Shayra consoling Yasmeen while Yasmeen expresses her grief. She says that she thought Azaan and Noor will get married but it didn’t happen still she just hopes for Noor’s happiness. Shayra blames herself for coming in between them but Yasmeen asks her not to feel bad as it’s not her fault. Shayra consoles her and assures her that Noor will get all the happiness and asks her to not worry. Yasmeen takes promise from Shayra that she will take care of Noor and her happiness. Shayra too promised that

Noor’s happiness is her responsibility and she’ll never let her face any problem.
Noor leaves after getting her face smashed with haldi by Azaan while Khalid looks on angrily. Noor is busy washing her face when Khalid sneaks in her room without her knowledge. On the other hand, Azaan and Shayra share a romantic moment with haldi while Noor gets shocked seeing Khalid in her room. He behaves psychotic in front of her and expresses his obsession and love for her while Noor gets shocked.

Noor tries pushing him out but Khalid locks the door from inside. Noor gets afraid and Khalid started forcing himself on her. He tears off her dress and Noor tries running away but in vain. Noor sees Azaan from window and tries calling him but couldn’t because of loud music.

Razia and Yasmeen share their views about Shayra and says that she’s a perfect Bahu Begam. Shayra searches Noor and hears her shouts from her room. She finds it locked and breaks open it to find a devastated Noor with clothes torn. Noor throws herself in Shayra’s arm and burst out in tears. Shayra gets furious and slaps Khalid continuously for his behaviour. Khalid behaves mad with her too and tries hitting her but Noor held his hands in air. Both turned savior for the other person indicating a pure bond. Noor starts beating Khalid with a lamp followed by Shayra. Asgar and Surraiya sees this and gets shocked. Surraiya questions Noor and Shayra and they look on.

Azaan, Yasmeen and Razia share a light hearted moment unaware of the things happening with Noor and Shayra. Suraiya slaps Khalid for his behaviour and Shayra says that Khalid should be handed over to the police for molestation. Surraiya tries convincing Shayra to not go to police and falls on her feet acting all innocent but Shayra didn’t budge.

Later she starts brainwashing Noor that she will be blamed if this issue goes out and ask her to think wise before acting. Noor gets confused hearing Suraiya talks but Shayra stands adamant in her decision. She says that it is not a girl’s fault to get molested but Noor gets into her talks and fears for the aftermath.

Precap : Shayra explains Noor that Khalid should be punished and Noor says that he’ll be punished but by herself. Azaan comes and questions Noor and Shayra.