Bahu Begum 22nd October 2019 Written Update: Gazala pollutes Shayra’s mind by provoking her against Noor

The episode starts with Gazala tying Tawiz on Noor’s wrist and warns her to stay away from Azaan for two weeks. She leaves and Shayra is about to leave to but Noor stops her. She asks if she’s not trusting her. Shayra says that it’s not that. she says that she didn’t find anything wrong in it. Noor says that it means she values Daadi’s happiness more than hers. Shayra tries explaining but Noor is pissed off badly. She says that she’s this way and there’s nothing she could do about it and leaves. Azaan consoles Shayra.

Gazala and Surraiya discuss the drama and Gazala says that she’s troubling Azaan, Shayra, and Noor as her target is only Razia.

Noor is furiously playing dice and Azaan comes threw. He tries talking with her but Noor shoos him away. Azaan asks if she’s angry with Shayra but Noor says that it’s not Shayra but the oldie. Shayra is searching for Azaan when Daadi offers her sweet. She asks why’s she straining herself. Gazala says that it’s for the respect she has on her. She says she very well knows about Azaan and asks her to plan for a child. She asks her to safeguard Azaan and shows her Noor and Azaan. She asks her to save Azaan and says that it’s not her fault but Shayra’s. She says that she didn’t keep her in her place.

Azaan tries consoling Noor but Noor denies listening to him. Azaan decides to order pizza for dinner. Shayra says that Azaan is only consoling Noor. Gazala asks what’s the need to console her. Shayra says that she’s overthinking it but Daadi brainwashes her completely. Shayra looks upset at Noor and Azaan’s bonding.

Azaan comes to the room and apologizes for being late. He says that Noor is still upset but then notices Shayra. He asks if she’s also upset. She asks can’t she get upset and says that Razia scolded her too. Azaan asks if she’s upset because he consoled Noor first. He says that Noor is a kid while she’s a mature girl. He says she has no one and that’s the reason he went to her first. He finally convinces her saying that she’s his first priority by all means. He tries romancing her but Shayra shows him the Tawiz and Azaan whines seeing it.

Razia apologizes to foreign delegates over the phone. Azaan visits her but Razia says that she has some important work. Noor and Shayra appear behind of Azaan and they both apologize Razia holding their ears. Razia agrees to forgive them and Noor suggests for a party. Shayra who’s upset with Noor denies for party or dinner and leaves. Azaan apologizes Noor on behalf of Shayra. Later Razia gifts holiday passes to Azaan for both Shayra and Azaan so that she can have a change in environment. Azaan agrees and Aladdin hears it.

Aladdin sends the holiday booking details to Gazala. Mashuka sees him but Aladdin once again flirts with her and diverts her mind. She informs Azaan about Aladdin clicking photo. She sees the photo and gets shocked.

Precap: Shayra and Azaan leave for a holiday but he gets beaten up by Noor’s men.