Bahu Begum 23rd August 2019 Written Update:- Shayra and Azaan romance in Noor – Azaan haldi and Noor burns in jealousy


The episode starts with Khalid saying Azaan that Noor got him released. Shayra drags Noor inside and questions her for the same. She asks how could she forget his sin. Noor says that she didn’t forget but forgave him. Azaan also asks her the same but Noor remains unaffected. Khalid questions Noor about her wedding with Azaan while Noor says that they will discuss it later. Noor leaves while Azaan seems less surprised about her attitude. He leaves with Shayra for Haldi.

Noor asks Surraiya to dance now and Surraiya agrees happily and starts doing Naagin dance. They dance for a while and Noor proceeds for haldi rasam. Azaan says that Shayra will do the rasam and Noor agrees and taunts her. Shayra too agrees for it.

Shayra and Azaan share a painful eyelock while Shayra grinds the haldi for the rasam. Razia hears everything from her room and feels helpless. She gets irked and closes the door. Everyone taunts their drama while Surraiya hurts Shayra more. Razia prays God to show her some way to stop the marriage.

Shayra applies haldi to Noor while Razia stands helpless. Azaan says that it’s his Haldi and asks to apply for him too.

Surraiya steps forward to apply but Azaan asks Shayra to apply first. Guests badmouth their family. Azaan asks her to apply properly as she’ll not get another chance. Azaan says that he’s still her husband and asks to apply with full right. He dips her hand in haldi and makes her apply everywhere in his body. Noor gets jealous seeing it while Shayra pleads Azaan. Noor unable to tolerate it steps forward and hold Shayra hand. She says enough and says it’s time for the dance. Noor pushes Shayra and starts dancing. She forcefully pulls Azaan and keeps his hand on her wait and starts dancing with him. Razia tries various ways to divert her mind from hearing the function sound.

Azaan takes Shayra aside and romances with her. He applies haldi on her face from his face. Noor sees it and burns in jealous. Shayra asks him to stop and leaves. Surraiya also sees it and provokes Noor. Khalid watches it all from the top.

Shayra cries in her room while Azaan asks her to complete the ritual properly. Shayra gets confused while Azaan says that she has to clean the haldi now. Shayra says that it’s wrong but Azaan says that everything happening here is wrong. He says that he’s still her husband and she should do it with all her rights. He removes his shirt and both get into the bathtub. He asks her to clean with full right. Shayra pours water and starts cleaning him. They both share a painful eye lock. After completing Shayra tries moving away but Azaan drags her and asks her to clean his face too.

Surraiya watches it from outside and goes to get Noor. She meets her on the way and says Noor about Azaan and Shayra. Noor leaves to watch it. Shayra finally breaks down and Azaan hugs her. Noor watches it from outside and fumes in more jealous. She breaks opens the door and barges in.

Precap: Noor insults Shayra for not only being a murderer but also shameless. She raises her hand to slap Shayra but Azaan holds it and warns her.

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