Bahu Begum 23rd December 2019 Written Update: Noor becomes the queen of Mahal

The episode starts with Azaan is outside the mahal with his lawyer for the auction. He talks to the media people. They ask him all sorts of questions. They talk about the begum. He warns them to not ask anything about the begum.

They then ask him about the expected money from the auction which is expected to be around 1500crore. Azaan handles the media with ease. After sometime the auction starts. People start their bids. The bid goes on and reaches a valuation of around 1000 crores. Azaan is tensed as he expected it to be around 1500 crores. Amidst his thinking he sees a car stopping by at the mahal.

A woman comes out and her face looks familiar. To a shock for everyone, she comes out to be noor. She bids the amount that azaan for looking for. She bids 1500 crores. Everyone is shocked to see noor like this. They were expecting to not see her ever again. After bidding and becoming the owner of the mahal, she goes into the mahal with arrogance.

Noor is checking the place when Azaan comes furious. Noor taunts and says that she’ll now turn the home a home. She mocks Mashuka too who looks furiously at her. Khalid looks shocked at Noor. She asks if he still loves her. Noor says that Khalid is married.

Noor asks with whom. Rubina comes to Razia’s room. She asks her to rest as much as she wants while she’ll do her work. She looks at something. She opens the box. She says that it’s her birthday and she needs to celebrate it.

Khalid says about Rubina. Noor asks them to shift her things to Razia Begum’s room as the room belongs to malkin. She asks to shift Razia to another room and asks them to take her luggage to her room. She leaves to her room.