Bahu Begum 24th December 2019 Written Update: Noor’s real intentions get unveiled

Episode begins with Noor is instructing her men to shift the stuff to the room of Razia begum and says just threw Razia out of her room and then she says no wait I will do this work.

Nur is going to enter in a room of Razia but Azaan stops her. Razia is lying on the bed helpless and lifeless and her nice is trying to tell her that I will let you stay with your royalty for some more days because after that it has to come back to me the real owner of this house and wealth.

Azan drags Nur in the hall of the house and says how dare you come back to our house once again? Noor asks Azaan to talk to her in a modest tone because this house belongs to her now and she will not like someone is talking to her in such a tone standing in her own house.

Azaan and Noor are arguing with each other and Azaan is asking Noor to stay away from his mother. Noor says what will you do if I go near her? Azaan says if you try to disturb my mother in anyway then I will burn the house. Noor says what else I can expect from you?

Azaan says you better not talk about expectations because all of us has some for more expectations from you but what you did? Noor says even Shayra has expectations from you and your love. If you could believe her that time and her honesty when the situation of today can be avoided. She says why I am wasting my time by talking to you? She gives him some money and says go and have some spa and fix your outlook. Rubina comes forward and asks why you are having so much of attitude?

Noor says I have bought this house and I am the owner right now and you should not talk to your boss in such a tone, you have to be modest and respectful. Rubina says I am the only daughter in law of this house. Noor says but from your Outlook and behaviour you are looking like a servant of the house so better you just go and help Motu patlu to keep my stuff in the room of Azaan.

Noor is about to go from there but Rubina is trying to act smart by making her fall but Noor tricks her. She says try to act smart where you will not get caught because the daughter-in-law of the royal family of Bhopal will not look good to walk with difficulty.

Rubina collected money from the floor which Noor threw on Azaan and goes from there. Rubina tries to know about knows but Motu and Patlu goes from there without answering anything. Motu and Patlu are discussing about Noor in the kitchen and says that we didn’t expect such behaviour from her.

Azaan is talking to Razia about Nur and says there was a time when she used to be such a nice person but now she has grown up so much that she is taking your name from her mouth. Azaan says I don’t want to do this but I have to and says I have two sources to live, prayers of my mother and the love of my wife Shayra.

No comes inside the room of Razia and locks the door. Azaan is stopped by Khalid and ask if it is necessary to do all this? Azaan says to earn money we have to do something. Khalid says but you could have done something else, advances if I have an alternative option I will definitely choose it but currently I am not having any option.

Noor takes out the traditional key ring from the box and starts to cry. She sits besides Razia and says your daughter is back after so many years and you will not talk to me. She reminded those old days of her in this house and says now I am back, I will set everything right. Notices when I am back after all these years I will not go back anywhere.

Noor says I promise you aunty today on your birthday that I will not go anywhere from here. She says this is not just a Begum palace but it is my house my family and I will fix everything right. She says whatever is snatched will be back to you soon.

Precap – Azan is singing at night clubs to earn money and says this much money is enough to teach Noor a lesson.