Bahu Begum 25th December 2019 Written Update: Everybody wants to know the truth about Noor

The episode starts with Noor coming out of begum Sahiba’s room after talking to her. He then collides with khalid. Khalid apologises to her and asks her about her whereabouts for the past five years. Amidst their talk, Rubina enters and thinks something fishy is going on.

Noor leaves and khalid goes after Rubina. He explains to her that nothing was going on between him and Noor and he was there just asking her where was she for the past five years.

Rubina already hates noor and uses this moment to aggravate her anger for her. She also starts abusing her husband Khalid as she has also realised that till the time Noor is in the house, she will not be able to become the begum of the mahal.

She starts talking about how much she hates her and suddenly Noor is seen standing at the door listening to their talks. She then enters the room and talks to Khalid about Rubina about why didn’t he find a better person than Rubina.

Rubina tries to back answer but is stopped by Noor who says that nothing against her, and her wish will happen in the mahal, nor will she accept any misbehaviour on anybody’s part.

Later Noor is seen talking to someone over phone and sharing some details about Rubina. Ballah sees some shadow entering the room, he finds out that it was Mashooqa. On asking, she answers that she wants to know the truth about Noor’s return and where was she all these years. After hesitating initially, Dilruba too joins Mashooqa in her search. They briskly enter Noor’s room and try to find whatever they can which will tell them anything about Noor’s return.

Mashooqa falls down in the room and asks ballah to switch on the lights. Then then further continue their search. Here Azaan gets a job of performing at a club. He starts singing his songs and playing guitar. Azaan remembers Shayra in his songs. The audience enjoys Azaan’s singing and some of the Audience members start dancing too. One lady even goes up on the stage to kiss Azaan to which Azaan confronts her and leaves the place. He is then given an ear full by the owner of the club about behaving properly with the audience as they are the reason you get your tips for playing. He then hands over a sum of five thousand rupees to him.

Azaan accepts and thinks that this amount of money is enough for the work that he has to do that night. He had planned something about Noor. Here Rubina is talking to Khalid during their sleep time about Noor. She tells him that she will try to become her friend so that she will be able to know all the secrets about how was Noor able to acquire so much of the money and from what source. Azaan then buys something in a sack and enter Noor’s room with it.