Bahu Begum 25th July 2019 Written Update:- Trouble in the paradise of Noor, Azaan and Shayra

The episode starts with Razia announcing to all that finally Shayra has arrived at her house as bahu and now its time to send Noor to her Sasural. She asks everyone to get ready for Noor’s Nikkah.

Noor sleeps on Azaan’s suhagraat bed and teases him for being so desperate even before night. Yasmeen scolds Noor for her teasings and Razia asks Noor to get ready for her marriage. Razia asks Shayra to take maid’s help for making sheer khurma ritual but Shayra says that she’ll do it herself. Yasmeen says that like saas like bahu.

Yasmeen tries to help Shayra in the kitchen but Shayra asks her to go and get Noor ready. Noor in her room throws tantrums over her makeup and accessories and keeps scolding her helpers. Azaan reaches there and asks everyone to leave saying that he’ll manage Noor.

Razia praises Shayra’s cooking skills and asks her to find Azaan once she completes cooking. Here Azaan scolds Noor for still being a child and still dependent on others. Noor says she doesn’t need to worry as he’s there for her. Azaan too agrees and starts getting her ready for marriage They share an emotional moment when they suddenly hear Baraat sound. Noor gets panicked and hugs Azaan and says that she’ll not go leaving him. Azaan asks her to not behave like a kid and they get emotional.

Azaan sees Shayra in the kitchen which is very close to Noor’s room and romances with her. Azaan sees Noor still getting ready and asks her to be quick as everyone arrived. Both Shayra and Azaan then leaves to greet the guests.

Faiz arrives with his family and Azaan and his family greets him. Faiz takes Azaan aside and says to him that he wants to see Noor before marriage. Azaan tries to stop him but he leaves searching for her room. The servants see the kitchen on fire and drop the oil can in fear only for the fire to spread more and more. The fire reaches nearby crackers and the whole mansion catches fire. Noor’s room which is close to the kitchen also catches fire while Noor is inside. Everyone leaves the mansion on knowing about the fire and that’s when Shayra realizes that Noor is not with them. Azaan rushes inside to save Noor. Razia and Shayra try stopping him but in vain.

Later Faiz parents also find him missing and gets worried for him. Faiz who’s still present inside the mansion gets caught in the fire and dies. Azaan manages to save Noor and everyone gets relieved.
When everyone was busy with Noor Yasmeen gets reminded of Noor dupatta and rushes inside to rescue it. She somehow manages to rescue the dupatta but couldn’t find a way to escape. She shouts from the window and that’s when everyone notices her inside. She looks emotionally at everyone and throws the dupatta from the window. Shayra catches hit before it hits the floor. A ceiling falls on Yasmeen too thus killing her. Everyone gets shocked at this and shouts for her.

Precap: Azaan rushes inside to find Yasmeen and a blast happens. Everyone shouts for Azaan.