Bahu Begum 26th August 2019 Written Update:- Noor turns more evil by joining hands with evil Khalid and Shayra gets hurt

The episode starts with Noor barging in Azaan and Shayra room and badmouths Shayra. She’s about to slap Shayra but Azaan catches her hand on-air and warns her to never repeat it. Khalid gets furious about Azaan and Noor’s marriage while maid starts romancing him. He ignores her and walks off.

Noor after her insult rushes into her room furiously to find her, Azaan and Shayra’s photo frame. She breaks it into pieces. Azaan is seen pinning his sherwani while Shayra comes forward to his help. He taunts her for sacrificing him and pricks himself with needle holding Shayra hand. Shayra asks him to stop as it hurts but he says that the pain is nothing in front of the pain he gave her.

Noor stamps her foot continuously on the broken glass pieces and acts psycho. She says that she’ll get Shayra punished for hurting her. Khalid sees her and gets panicked. She shows him the photo and says that Shayra stole everything from her. Khalid says that he loves her more than Azaan. Noor says that she loves him too but as a friend. She asks if he’ll do anything for her and he agrees to it. She hugs him with an evil motive of using him against Shayra. Noor leaves while Khalid gets happy unaware of Noor’s evil motive.

Shayra asks Azaan to stop as she’ll not back off from her promise while Azaan looks at her painful. Shayra apologies to Azaan in her mind and leaves while Azaan looks at the divorce papers. Shayra on her way skids on the stairs and falls rolling down. She goes unconscious after getting her hurt. Razia sees it from upstairs and shouts for her. Everyone including Noor arrives there hearing the shout and Azaan rushes to her pushing Noor aside. The maids bitch about Shayra while Surraiya taunts Shayra for creating drama for attention. Noor hears them and gets more jealous.

The doctor checks Shayra and says that she’ll be alright soon. Shayra thanks Razia while Razia says that she may be upset with her but still loves her. Azaan confirms Shayra and puts her to sleep. He walks off but notices oil on Shayra’s sandals and gets doubtful. He finds oil on the staircase and doubts Noor.

The servants with Asgar and Surraiya provokes Noor while Noor gets irked more and leaves. Noor on her way meets Azaan who questions her about the oil. He blames her for acting cheap because of her jealousy. He says Yasmeen would have been ashamed to give birth to her if she was alive. Noor says that if she wants to do something then she’ll do it on their front instead of behind their back and leaves. Azaan wonders if not Noor then who did this.

Azaan informs Razia about his doubt. He also says that now he gets doubtful about the fire during the marriage too. He says someone is plotting against Shayra from start. He says if he could retrieve CCTV footage which got burnt in the fire then everything will be out.

Khalid washes his oily hands and is revealed to be the culprit. He acts mad and wants Shayra dead to make Noor happy.

Azaan comes to take care of Shayra while Shayra asks him to leave her alone. He says that he’s still her husband and it’s his duty. He puts her to sleep.

Azaan informs Khalid about the reason for his marriage with Noor and asks him to stop it if possible.

Precap: Khalid informs Noor about his involvement in the fire accident