Bahu Begum 26th December 2019 Written Update: Noor learns about Azaan’ Condition

The episode starts with Azaan entering noor’s room with the thing he bought with the money. He bought few rats with that money and left them open in her room. Noor got really scared and started running around the room. Azaan is reminiscing about his past with shayra while looking at their picture. He talks to himself about returning to her, and suddenly noor comes running to him from the rats and hugged him.

Noor falls down and asks azaan to help her get up. Azaan instead of helping her, picks up the photo he was looking at earlier. Noor gets up herself and tells him that he didn’t believe in shayra while she was alive. Azaan tells her that shayra is alive. Noor tells her that she returned only to take revenge. Noor then collides with khalid and again is seen by Rubina. Noor makes fun of Rubina. Late at night, Azaan is talking to shayra through a photo. He waits for her return everyday.

Noor goes to Mashooqa’s room to ask about Azaan. Ballah tells her about everything that Azaan goes through. They said that azaan hasn’t slept properly in the past 5 years. Khalid quietly enters his room and is seen by Rubina. On being asked he says that he went to get something for noor. There is powder in the packet.

Rubina opens the powder bottle and it gets spread on her face. Azaan is looking at his marriage video clip and then Noor enters. She switches on the light and asks Azaan to sleep. In refusing, she says that it’s her house and he has to obey whatever she says to him. It is all a way to make Azaan sleep.

Azaan still open the tv but shuts it down in repeated saying by noor. Ballah is actually happy with Noor’s return, which comes as a puzzle for Mashooqa. He says that earlier the situation was all tensed but now things are changing and it will happen so in the future.

Mashooqa tells him to sleep. Azaan goes to begum sahiba’s room. He tells her to not worry and he will make everything better as before. Azaan sings a lullaby to make her sleep.