Bahu Begum 29th August 2019 Written Update:- Azaan shows cctv footage to Noor but gets shocked himself


The episode starts with maid informing Asgar and Surraiya about Azaan finding the culprit and they get shocked. Khalid gets happy that now the marriage will be stopped for sure. Shayra hugs Azaan but then she’s about to leave. Azaan asks her the reason for which Shayra says that she’s worried about Noor. She reminds about her moments with Yasmeen and her promises to her. She says that she promised to give all the happiness in the world to Noor and she can’t break her promise. Azaan says that no promises will be broken but only a wrong promise will be taken back and assures her. Shayra hugs him.

Khalid gets happy but Asgar and Surraiya plan to send him out of India before the truth gets relieved. They forcefully send him off despite his protests to stay close to Noor. On the way, they meet Noor and before Khalid could answer Asgar intervenes. He says that these are for charity as they wanted to donate if Khalid returns safe and sound from prison. Khalid is about to reveal but gets reminded of his mother’s warning and simply hugs her and leaves. Noor gets doubtful but lets it go.

Azaan along with Noor, Shayra, and Razia leaves to check the CCTV footage. Asgar and Surraiya wish for Khalid to board the plane and decides to mange further. Noor asks Azaan the reason for bringing her there. Azaan says that it’s to prove Shayra’s innocence and Noor gets shocked. She says it’s Shayra’s fault and she herself agreed on it but Azaan asks her to watch with patience.

Azaan says that he retrieved all the CCTV footage and asks her to check for once so that he can prove Shayra’s innocence. He asks the investigators to play the footage while Surraiya once again fills her ears against Shayra. Noor asks them to stop it as she can’t see her mother’s death once again. Azaan begs her to give him one last chance and she agrees. Noor gets emotional seeing her mother on CCTV footage along with Shayra. She watches it teary-eyed when Khalid’s face is shown. Except for Asgar and Surraiya everyone fails to notice his face and they get relieved. Azaan asks to fast forward it but to their shock, the footage tampers. It contains only Shayra’s part and blasting part misusing Khalid’s part.

Later it’s revealed that one of the investigators tampered it getting money from Asgar. Azaan questions them and the investigator lies that they only said that they retrieved the footage. Noor asks the investigators to leave and scolds Azaan for hurting her to prove his wife’s innocence. Azaan is about to explain but Shayra intervenes. She says that this is the truth and it came out of everyone. Shayra asks him to accept it but Azaan denies accepting it. Noor asks him to do whatever he wants as it’s gonna change nothing and leaves.
Khalid is about to once again confess to Noor but Surraiya intervenes again. Noor asks what truth.

Precap: Shayra gets Azaan ready and gives him divorce papers to Azaan. Azaan says that the marriage will happen but will break a rule of love

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