Bahu Begum 2nd August 2019 Written Update:- Noor tries suicide and acts violent

The episode starts with Noor blaming Shayra for stealing everything from her starting from her childhood friend to her mother. She threatens Shayra with a knife. Noor all of a sudden slits her wrist in the pretext of stabbing Shayra. Shayra gets shocked and tries to hold her but Noor pushes her hard. Shayra gets further shocked to see Noor standing at the edge of the terrace. Noor falls down but Shayra holds her on time. Shayra tries lifting her up but Noor denies her help. She even bites her hand to let go off her. Noor due to over blood loss loses her consciousness. Suraiya sees this and gets happy and calls out for Razia. Shayra holds unconscious Noor with great difficulty and finally lifts her up. Azan gets the news and leaves shouting for Noor and in the meantime Shayra, Razia and Suraiya are seen taking Noor in the car. They reach mansion and Azaan carries her inside. Shayra requests Razia to take Noor to hospital but Razia explains that it’s not possible. She says that already lot happened and they can’t make any more headlines. Asgar indirectly taunts Shayra but Razia shuts him up. Shayra tries convincing Razia but in vain.

The doctor examines Noor while Azaan stands tensed. Khalid peeps in to find Noor condition and prays for her recovery. Razia tries comforting Azaan while Azaan’s sister blames Shayra for Noor’s condition. Razia scolds her saying that it’s the same Shayra who saved Noor from falling down risking her life. Azaan ‘s sister leaves angrily.

Suraiya is seen dancing in her room with loud music and extreme happiness. Asgar enters and asks her the reason for her happiness. She explains that she’s really happy to see Razia’ s tears and the pain of her son and daughter in law. She also adds that even if Noor dies she’ll be happier while Khalid calls her shocked.

The doctor explains Razia that Noor is at extreme stress and if treated properly will be recovered soon. Shayra remembers her promise for Yasmeen and cries hard. Khalid asks Suraiya that if she’s responsible for Noor’s condition. He scolds her for playing with Noor’s life. Suraiya scolds him back saying that he’s still here only because of her. She reminds him of his molestation and asks him to never lift finger against her. Khalid leaves defeated.

Noor wakes up slowly and looks at Azaan, Razia and Azaan’s sister. Razia asks if she’s fine when Noor’s eyes suddenly fall on Shayra. She gets furious and starts throwing things at Shayra and behaves mad. She starts acting violently while Azaan tries controlling her. She threatens to cut her wrist again if Shayra doesn’t leave the place.

Razia and Azaan try stopping her but Noor stands adamant. Azaan agrees and asks Shayra to leave but Shayra stands shocked. Azaan shouts hard for Shayra to leave when she doesn’t budge. Shayra leaves and falls on her bed crying. She remembers Azaan shouting her to leave and cries harder. Noor finally gets calm and hugs Azaan.

Precap : Shayra tries explaining Noor that she’s ready to even give her life for her. Noor asks her to give her life for her. She asks for Azaan while Shayra stands shocked.