Bahu Begum 30th December 2019 Written Update: AZAAN WANTS TO TEACH NOOR A LESSON

The episode starts with Noor coming in the bathroom where Azaan is about to take bath. Azaan asks her what she is doing there and she replies that she can go wherever she wants in her house. She mocks Azaan who gets very angry and asks her to leave please. She is about to go but slips in Azaan’s arms. They start arguing again. Noor leaves smirking.

Rubina bashes Khalid for hugging Noor and laughing with her. Khalid tries to make her understand that Noor and he are just childhood friends but she keeps asking her to stay away from Noor. She warns her to tell everything to Azaan and doesn’t listen to Khali who tries to stop her in vain.
Rubina goes to Azaan and tells him that Noor asked Khalid to bring the itching powder. She is bashing Noor when the latter comes and threatens her with a knife. Azaan wasn’t even in the room. Noor throws more itching powder on Rubina who gets scared but Noor reveals that it’s just flour and asks her to stop planning to get her out of the house. Rubina leaves. Noor hears Shayra’s voice and rushes to see from where it is coming.

Azaan had recorded Shayra’s voice and is making his mother hear that. Noor sees that. Azaan is about to leave for work when Noor stops him and reveals Raziya that Azaan doesn’t do anything. He gets angry and takes Noor away. They fight again. Noor tries to make Azaan understand that he should tell the truth to Raziya and not keep lying to her otherwise she won’t get fine. Azaan doesn’t listen to Noor who ends up calling him loser for running away from problems.

Dilruba and Mashuka discuss about Noor’s idea of telling the truth about their poverty to Raziya.
Azaan cries looking at Azaan’s picture. Noor thinks that he has to go to work to sleep because he will get tired.
The next morning Rubina tells Noor that she will do everything she says. Noor asks her to keep fast. Noor pulls Azaan’s leg seeing him. He gets angry.

Later Azaan tells Babu Bhaiya about Noor’s tortures and calls her his biggest enemy. He swears that he will send Noor away after teaching him a lesson. Babu Bhaiya gives Azaan a liquid that can help him teaching a lesson to Noor.

Precap: Noor calls the police at home and says that someone tried killing her. She shows the police a video of Azaan mixing something in her food. Police arrests Azaan.