Bahu Begum 31st December 2019 Written Update: Noor gets Azaan Arrested

The episode starts with Noor doing makeover of begum sahiba. She tells her that she will look the most beautiful. Azaan goes to the kitchen to see what has been cooked.

Mashooqa informs him that dum biryani and kheer has been made. Azaan mixes the powder that he has brought from a person from the club and keeps it in the fridge so that it can be served after dinner. He plans of something to get rid of noor.

After leaving, Rubina enters the kitchen and as she was feeling hungry, she ate all the kheer. She starts going to the loo again and again. Khalid helps her with medicines and everything but nothing helps her.

Here azaan is at the dinner table, hoping for his plan to succeed, sweetly welcomes Noor to the table. He tells her that he is fed up of their fight and that they should have dinner together now.

Noor thinks that something fishy is going on. Azaan then asks Mashooqa to bring the kheer. She tells him that someone has eaten the kheer.

Azaan gets angry. He wanted Noor to have the kheer. Later, police officer comes to them and tells them that Noor has filed a complaint about someone planning to kill her.

The police tells them that it is azaan who is planning to do so. The police gets ready to arrest him. He tells them they cannot arrest him, as his mother needs him. They tell him that only if Noor takes back her complaint will they let go off him.

Noor whispers her wish in Azaan’s ears. She tells him that it is upto him to agree to it or leave it.