Bahu Begum 3rd January 2020 Written Update: Begum sahiba shows signs of recuperation

The epsiode starts with azaan holding noor’s neck. Then begum sahiba reacted in a certain manner which was a shocker to everyone. She took azaan’s name. She fell from her chair as well. Azaan held her and took her to the room. Khalid called the doctor. Her jewellery fell from her head and was picked up by noor. The doctor examined begum sahiba and said that even in this condition her reaction like this is a surprise. He even tells them that she is recuperating. Everyone feels happy to hear this. Rubina gets upset on hearing this. Mashooqa says that when begum sahiba will recuperate completely she will go to a mazaar to pay her offerings. She even goes to cook something for her

Doctor comes out with azaan. He tells him that the fees amount of her checkup has gone too high now. Azaan requests for some more days and promises him that he will pay his amount. Doctor leaves, and while leaving is stopped by noor. She gives his complete payment. Noor then goes to begum’s room and apologies to her that she had to behave like that earlier. She said to her that she did all that only to make everything better. She promises her that she will make everything better. She then goes out and talks to herself.

She even apologises to her mother and says that she knows she must’ve been very angry with her but she did all the things to make everything better. She said that azaan and begum sahiba are the most important people for the mahal and they have to get better for everything to be as it used to be.

Mashooqa and ballah then go to noor. Both of them now know the truth as well. They apologise to noor for abusing her and saying all the bad things all this while. Noor too apologised to them for abusing them as well. Khalid had told them the truth. Khalid told noor that she is not alone in her fight and he, mashooqa and ballah are also with her. Noor said that the fight is not going to be an easy one and they have to work very hard for this. All of them join their hands confirming their togetherness in this fight. Azaan is with his mother. He tells her that he felt very happy after seeing her recuperating and her calling out his name. He sleeps by her side.

Noor comes to the room and sees both of them sleeping. She puts the blanket on him and picks up a medicine bottle from under the bed. She takes it with her. She tells someone on phone about her incident with azaan. She even told that begum sahiba is recuperating. The next day azaan sees that the doctor is not picking up the call. Noor tells him that he will not come as she has cleared his fees. She called on a new doctor. Azaan gets angry on seeing this. He tells her that he will not let any other doctor examine his mother.

Noor tells him that she is paying for everything in the mahal and she gets to decide who will come and who will not. Then khalid too supports noor and requests azaan to let the doctor examine her. Azaan learns that noor had the medicine bottle all this while with her. The doctor tells azaan that she has been getting wrong medicine all this while and because of which she was not able to recuperate on time. Azaan and noor get shocked on hearing this.