Bahu Begum 5th September 2019 Written Update:- Azaan romances Noor in front of Shayra and irks Noor in their muh dikayi

The episode starts with Shayra showing Azaan sleeping on the couch in the lawn. She says that she knows very well that he slept there the whole night. She asks what she wants to prove to her by her behavior. She says that she gave the most precious gift of her life, her husband to her in return for her mistake but that doesn’t mean that she’ll be her doormat. She says along with Azaan she gave her the title of Bahu Begam and it’s her duty to protect the family’s respect. She says that she very well know what happened last night.

Noor remembers last nights events. Noor after locking the door asks him about the decoration and hugs him saying that he’s hers. He hugs her and Azaan pushes her. He says that it will never happen ever.

Noor says that it’s their suhagraat and it’s not the time for fighting. She says that today she’ll love him so much that he’ll forget the hatred on her and back hugs him. He pushes her and says that forget about the friendship she’s not even worth his hatred. He says that he’ll not lay a finger on her.

Shayra says each and every word said by him and Noor stands shocked. He says that she wanted to become a Bahu Begam and became one but can never get his love. He says that he only belongs to Shayra and no one can change it. He leaves the room furiously. Both Noor and Shayra turns to find Azaan missing on the couch.

Noor and Shayra search for Azaan when all of a sudden Azaan drags Shayra by the wrist and holds her by the waist. He romances Shayra in front of Noor and kisses on her forehead. Shayra stands tensed seeing Noor. Azaan is about to go but Noor hugs him from the back and wishes him for the first morning after their marriage. Azaan pushes her and taunts for seeing both his Begums at once in the morning. Maid informs Azaan about Muh dikhayi and Noor asks him 6o get ready. While going she kisses him on his cheek and Azaan leaves furiously while Shayra follows her.

Azaan starts cleaning his cheek while Shayra condemns his behavior. He calls Noor a snake while Shayra argues on behalf of Noor. She supports Noor while Azaan gets irritated. He says that she’s too good to realize her true face.

Azaan says about divorcing Noir whiles Shayra closes his mouth before he could complete the sentence. She asks Azaan to give proper attention to Noor so that she’ll change for good. She says that Noir loves him the same way as her. She asks him to give her some time and she’ll be back to old Noor. Shayra leaves asking him to get ready and Azaan says that he can never give what Noor wants ever.

Surraiya asks Razia to participate in muh dikhayi and taunts her indirectly. Razia says that she’ll not come out and ask her to leave. Surraiya mocks Azaan saying that like father like son. Razia shows her the door and Surraiya leaves. Razia is about to close the door but Azaan barges in. Azaan wants to talk with her but Razia avoids him with office works. Azaan tries convincing Razia into forgiving him.

Precap: Azaan does Shayra’s muh dikhayi along with Noor irking Noor