Bahu Begum 6th January 2020 Written Update: Noor asks Azaan to get one lakh Rupees

The episode starts with Noor and Azaan discussing about the wrong medicines being given to begum sahiba. Doctor tells them that it was the wrong medicine other wise she would’ve gotten better much earlier. The doctor tells him that she will get better soon. He asks him to throw away all the medicines and also give her the one prescribed by him.

Noor asks Azaan to report to her room in few minutes. Khalid is talking to Mashooqa and Dilruba about the wrong medicines. All of them are shocked to hear about the same. Noor comes to meet them. She tells them that they have to find out who the person is, who is behind begum sahiba.

Noor tells them to leave as Azaan is about to come. Mashooqa gets stuck while leaving. Noor tries to hide her. Azaan comes at the door. Noor opens it. Azaan tells her that because of her only begum sahiba responded finally and also they got to know about the wrong medication. He said sorry and thank you to her. He also said that both of them cannot be friends.

Noor and Mashooqa talk to each other. Khalid and Rubina talk to each other and indulge in a verbal fight. Rubina tells him that she is going to her home and khalid gets happy on hearing this. He starts packing her stuff. Rubina then tells him that she will not leave for her place. She tries to keep her stuff back. She said she will stay and keep and eye on Noor.

Noor asks a cameraman to take pictures of begum mahal. She teasingly also tells him to take pictures of Azaan as well. Azaan gets angry and asks him to stop taking pictures. Noor tells him that she is getting the pictures taken as she wants to send it to bidders. On being asked, she tells that she has been offered to convert the mahal into a seven star hotel.

Azaan gets even more furious. They too get into a verbal duel. She tells him that when the work of hotel will start she will throw everyone out of the mahal. She asks him to pay rent if he wants to stay in the mahal. She asks him to pay one lakh rupees and that too in twenty four hours. She tells him that she will throw him out if he is unable to pay the amount.

Azaan asks khalid for the amount. He explains everything to them. He asks everyone for the money. Khalid responds saying that he doesn’t have the money. Then he asks Rubina for the money. She too responds in negative.

Rubina starts back answering to Azaan. She tells him that every wrong thing is happening because of him. He has crossed his limits. She tells him that he shouldn’t have sold the mahal to noor.