Bahu Begum 6th November 2019 Written Update: Gazala gets exposed in front of Azaan.

The episode starts with Shayra asking Bahu Begum title and Paasha from Razia while Azaan scolds her. Razia agrees to give the Paasha to her shocking everyone. Azaan tries stopping but Razia doesn’t listen. Razia signs the paper and gives it to Shayra. Azaan is angry at Shayra for her act. Shayra says that she apologize for her mistake and gives the papers to Surraiya shocking Azaan further. Azaan asks what’s happening here when Gazala snatches the papers from Surraiya a and reads out it. She says that it reads that the Bahu Begum and Paasha belongs to her now. She reveals about planning everything all this while and mocks Shayra and Razia. She says that finally she takes back everything that Razia has took from her and is about to slap her when Azaan and Shayra holds their hands. She says that they are threatening future Bahu Begum and sits on Razia’s chair. She pushes Shayra and Razia out shocking Azaan. Surraiya is about to clap her hands but Shayra claps before that.

She says that she’s well aware of their plans and is just acting along with it. She says that had doubts on her from the start and just wanted to prove Azaan her true colors and so acted along. To her utmost shock Noor burns the papers shocking Gazala to the core. Gazala starts acting innocent when someone throws Aladdin on floor.

The guy is revealed to be Khalid. Noor explains what happened and sending Khalid behind the lady. Khalid removes the veil to reveal Aladdin shocking everyone. Gazala tries acting but Khalid plays her confession video and Azaan looks at her furious.

Precap: Azaan lashes out at Gazala. Razia throws Gazala out of the house and Gazala says that she’s just leaving the house and not their lives. She swears to trouble them till she’s alive.